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Legal Translation & Language Services

Early in TransPerfect’s history, it became clear that the legal industry had significant and specialized legal translation needs. As a result, we formed TransPerfect Legal Solutions (TLS). TLS has since matured into a diversified legal support partner focused on delivering top-quality client service and best-of-breed, technology-enabled legal support solutions—anywhere in the world. We offer legal translation and language services in over 170 languages, and we only enlists linguists who are native-level speakers with proven expertise in legal-specific subject areas for each and every project. 

Legal Language Services Experts

Multilingual Solutions & Support

The TLS team has significant legal industry experience and understands the stringent regulations governing legal translation. Our experts are well-versed in advanced technologies and can quickly identify the language composition and technical requirements of your multilingual cases. From technical patent translation for foreign filings to localization of training courses, privacy policies, and contracts for compliance, TLS supports all of your translation and language services needs.

Our Linguists


TLS provides legal translation services—such as large-scale multilingual and English document reviews—backed by our certified quality management system and worldwide 24/7 production capabilities.



Our legal interpreters are available for depositions, client meetings, client presentations, expert witness preparation, and much more. TLS can provide on-site coordination and interpreting equipment.



TLS maintains a global network of experienced court reporters and transcriptionists to provide legal support for your courtroom hearings, arbitrations, and meetings—anywhere in the world. With an online scheduling portal and account representatives available around the clock, TLS ensures that you can book transcription services at any time.

Multilingual OCR

Multilingual OCR

Advanced technology converts image-based and paper documents into editable, digital characters. Results are directly imported into your hosting platform. We can convert high volumes of hard-copy documents into machine-readable text and process them in conjunction with live data files to help you pinpoint where to spend your translation dollars most effectively. 

Beyond MT

Machine Translation

MT solutions can be efficient and cost-effective for high volume and quick turnaround projects. Our linguistic experts will employ the ideal combination of machine translation, translation memory, and human translation/review. Our proprietary MT solutions integrate with TLS's e-discovery management tool, Digital Reef, as well as Relativity and other hosting platforms. 



Our proprietary, web-based application enables corporate legal departments to securely file, exchange, host, and share documents conveniently and confidentially. Mitigate the risk of cyber attacks using your customized and completely secure repository. 


Kickstart your global strategy

We enable our clients to reach new markets globally by connecting with their audiences and providing the best possible customer experience—in any language. 



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