Webinars, Videos, & Case Studies

Webinars, Videos, & Case Studies

Past Webinars:


Looking to the Future Webinar

Retail & Ecommerce


WITHIN Presents: COVID-19 Retail Pulse Dashboard

Retail & Ecommerce


Webinar: Learn how to create a digital curriculum, practically overnight



Webinar: Conducting Remote Depositions



Webinar: Clinical Trials and COVID-19: Situation now, its challenges, and the future

Life Sciences

Video Case Studies:


Case Study: Hero Digital

Carl Agers, Senior Vice President of Marketing Services at Hero Digital, discusses how utilizing TransPerfect’s technology helped his clients optimize their strategy and unify globally.


Case Study: Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Gregg Okunami, Project Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprises, explains how having GlobalLink at the center of all HPE content translations helped consolidate vendors and reduce costs.


Best Practices for Deploying GlobalLink

Jeff Guillem and Kay Kohatsu of Translations.com dive into key practices of GlobalLink, including discovery, implementation, adoption, measurement and improvement, scope, and launch.


The Future of AI and Machine Translation

Julien Didier and Alex Poulis of Translations.com discuss the evolution of AI and machine translation into an acceptable translation method, the future of the technology, and how TransPerfect is the first AI-powered language service provider.


Case Study: MicroStrategy

Brett Roth, Senior Manager at MicroStrategy, discusses how his marketing team was able to increase productivity by 90% with GlobalLink—dramatically reducing the time spent translating across their 27 country-specific websites. Translating one page used to take 36 hours, now it takes two.


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