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Any organization localizing their software or app platforms needs a solution to ensure that their platforms are linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate. From the initial identification and extraction of localizable elements, to the re-engineering and final testing of multiple language versions, quality must be built into every localization process stage. TransPerfect offers a full lifecycle solution leveraging industry best practices and innovative technology to successfully localize software and apps.

What is App Localization?

Localization is the process of adapting a product or service to meet the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of a specific target market. It involves modifying content (like text translations) or functionality to ensure that an application can be used seamlessly by users who speak different languages or have different cultural backgrounds. In today's globalized world, businesses are no longer limited by geographical boundaries. With the rise of advanced technology and communication tools, companies can now easily expand their reach and tap into new markets across different countries. The expansion, although promising, poses a series of challenges, especially in terms of linguistic obstacles. This is where software and mobile app localization services are helpful.


Why is App Localization necessary?

Software and mobile app localization services have become increasingly important in today's market. The internet has made it possible for companies to reach customers all around the world, but this also means that they need to adapt their products and services to different regions and languages.

App localization services can help businesses expand their customer base and increase sales. By providing a localized experience, companies can build trust with potential customers who may not be familiar with their brand or product. Additionally, by addressing cultural differences through localization, businesses show that they respect and value diversity - an important factor in building long-term relationships with customers around the world.

Software and mobile app localization services are essential when it comes to expanding a business's reach in the global market. The process involves not only translating user interfaces (UI) but also documentation, manuals, audiovisual content, and software code into multiple languages. To ensure consistency in the content's translation, localization experts use advanced technology tools to maintain the translated text's context and meaning.


Globalization is the process of getting software ready for localization into any language, locale, and culture.

Thoughtful adjustments and planning made early and along the way during software and UI (user interface) development vastly improve the globalization of your products. Knowing how to apply globalization best practices speeds up time to market, significantly reduces cost, helps mitigate risk, and reduces stress on internal resources. We support clients with all stages of this process.Internationalization



Translating text is not enough—it needs to be localized with locale and language in mind. We provide industry-specialized resources in both services and technology. We can work with virtually any resource file format and have direct integration with version control systems and code repositories to ensure fast, automated, and seamless file extraction and delivery. We also provide visual localization tools to provide both translators and reviewers contextual information with live screens or screenshots.

To localize software in an agile workflow we use relevant technology. We have a variety of tools that can eliminate manual steps to dramatically reduce timelines:

No software or mobile app localization project is complete without proper testing. Our testing solutions ensure your software and mobile apps will perform consistently across languages, operating systems, browsers, channels, and devices, so you avoid costly delays and potentially damaging flaws. We provide a variety of testing services including functional, linguistic, layout/UI design, user experience (UX), user acceptance (UAT), i18n (internationalization), A11Y (accessibility), and automated testing. Find out more about our testing.




As software development practices have evolved, we’ve been innovating to meet new requirements

Our specialized services combined with visual, cloud-based, and integrated localization tools enable us to be as agile as our clients. Let TransPerfect be your preferred choice for software and mobile app localization.


Full lifecycle solution for software localization

From the initial identification and extraction of localizable elements to the re-engineering and final testing of multiple language versions, TransPerfect ensures that quality is built into every stage of the software localization process.

Why choose Transperfect as your Localization Partner?

Transperfect is a global leader in software localization services, offering tailored solutions to businesses looking to expand their reach into new markets. With over 25 years of experience in the industry and a team of expert linguists, Transperfect has become the go-to choice for organizations seeking high-quality localization services that are both efficient and cost-effective.

One area where Transperfect excels is mobile app localization services. As more and more users access content through their smartphones, it has become essential for companies to adapt their apps for different languages and cultures. By partnering with Transperfect, businesses can ensure a seamless user experience across different devices and platforms.

Mobile App Localization

Automate mobile app localization with Applanga, our mobile app localization system

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Frequently asked questions

Software localization can open the door for new customers globally by adapting the content, graphics, and everything else that makes up software for a specific region. Localizing software and apps can help you reach and retain new customers.

Localization is the process of translating content and adapting graphics and other visual aids to meet the language and cultural needs of a region. Localization goes beyond translating words–it's a process to create a holistic, translated version that looks like it originated in the target language.

Localizing your app will help you to grow your market. If you don't localize your app, chances are that potential global users won't be able to find the app, and if they don't, they quite likely won't want to use it if it's not in their target language.

Localization is a multi-step process that includes globalization (preparing the software), localizing, and testing. All of these steps are critical to releasing a high-quality product for a global audience. 

Pretty much anything - software, firmware, platform integrations, online help, GUIs, wearables, websites, eLearning modules, and mobile platforms.

We use Applanga, an automated localization tool, to localize everything from mobile to desktop, games to web apps. Applanga syncs with software to download untranslated software strings and then upload the translated strings. 

Applanga automatically uploads strings and has immediate on-device and browser testing, so there's no need to have developers integrate strings. 

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