Language Services for Education

Today, our schools are more diverse than ever. For more than 30 years, TransPerfect has supported K-12 and higher education institutions in their mission to engage limited and non-English-speaking students, families, and community members.

Our Solutions

Specialized support for K-12 and higher educational institutions

translation and language services (B)

Translation & Language Services

Featuring a variety of language services and technologies including document translation, interpretation, language testing, and staffing.

Interpretation (N)


Staffed and trained interpreters are available in a wide variety of industries and settings, including over-the-phone, consecutive, conferences, and more.


Training & E-Learning (O)

Education &

Our dedicated training and e-learning solutions team offers a mix of services to help you overcome the challenges associated with building and maximizing a global workforce.

Video Production (B)

Video Production

Create and produce animated and live-action videos, both creative and educational, with our in-house production agency that has extensive experience.

Language Training & Assessment (N)

Language Training & Assessment

Using our linguist certification program, we can assess linguists in the areas that matter most to our clients. 

Website Localization (O)

Website Localization

Creating, launching, and optimizing websites in multiple languages is simple, quick, and cost-effective with our GlobalLink technology, which requires minimal project management or IT involvement, and sites can go live in as little as 30 days.

Media (B)


A simplified media localization and management process through an AI-driven, cloud-based technology platform.

Software & Mobile Globalization

Software & Mobile App Localization

A full lifecycle solution for software and mobile app localization, including initial strategy consultation, localization, and functional testing in context in order for the product to perform consistently and accurately across languages.

Primary Education

A large public school system in the Washington, D.C., area came to TransPerfect with challenges surrounding parent engagement

While their population was becoming increasingly diverse, their parent participation rates were dropping, resulting in decreases in both standardized test scores and high school graduation rates. Working with TransPerfect, the district utilized InterAct, our interpretation management platform, to manage onsite interpretation requests at multiple schools, giving teachers the opportunity to communicate with LEP parents freely. We also supported the translation of written messages from schools, provided interpreters for all onsite school engagements, and partnered with local government agencies to ensure consistency in voice across other government programs.

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Secondary Education

A well-respected university in the Midwest had strategic goals of expanding its international student population

Not only did they need to attract the students themselves, the university needed to establish a comfort level for the parents of these young adults traveling thousands of miles from home by themselves. The solution was customized communication in their native language, interpreter-facilitated online meetings with on-campus counselors, and localized remote campus orientations. Together, we were able to help establish the confidence in the university that every parent needed.


Kickstart your global strategy

We enable our clients to reach new markets globally by connecting with their audiences and providing the best possible customer experience—in any language. 



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