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AI & Machine Translation

When it comes to a global content strategy, artificial intelligence (AI) is the future. Anticipating the potential for AI to revolutionize the way businesses manage and publish multilingual content, the language services industry has been a major driving force in the advancement of neural machine translation technology.


Artificial intelligence solutions

Our GlobalLink technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities helps our clients meet their growing content goals by combining best-of-breed neural machine translation (NMT) with best-practice approaches for optimizing content and business processes. We don’t view NMT as a replacement for human translation, but rather as a way to maximize the business impact of translation and localization. In this way, our linguists are an integral part of the process. 

AI & Machine Translation Service Levels

Our most basic offering, raw machine translation output is produced by one of our off-the-shelf solutions with no human editing. This solution:

  • Doesn’t take terminology or style into account
  • Is typically used to get the general gist, particularly in scenarios where the content types are very generic and don’t have a specific client focus
  • Is also used when there’s a heavy volume of content

This solution involves customized machine translation engines trained with client assets to produce the content with no human editing. This solution:

  • Has improved accuracy and higher quality
  • Requires a minimum of 50,000 sentences for training to achieve meaningful improvement over baseline quality 
  • Leads to significant quality gains
  • Is highly recommended in any scenario in which machine translation is used without human editing

Light post-edited machine translation involves linguists to a certain extent. Linguists will correct machine translation output with the minimum number of changes only when the target is not understandable or doesn’t convey the meaning of the source. This solution:

  • Produces an understandable translation with no major errors, but it’s not stylistically perfect
  • Is intended for lower-priority content where speed is more important than quality
  • Might produce a translation that sounds literal or unnatural

Our full post-edited machine translation solution is a top-quality translation process with enhanced efficiency provided by our neural machine translation. In this workflow, a linguist and subject matter expert turns the machine translation output into high-quality content. The goal of this solution is to have the same final quality as a standard human translation process. This solution:

  • Produces a final product that’s equivalent to a human translation-only process
  • Can be followed by a proofreading and/or quality management step, just like a standard workflow
  • Usually maintains the same number of steps as a human translation workflow, with the first step becoming a full post-editing step instead of a translation step
  • Is suitable for structured, technical content
  • Is good for other types of content, including highly visible, customer-facing content
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