Patient-Focused Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Whatever area of healthcare you’re in, TransPerfect Health offers a wide range of services to enable you to create the best patient experience possible. Whether you need translation of benefits materials, live or over the phone interpretation for patient interactions, recruiting for therapists or technicians, or something else, TransPerfect Health can help.

Enhance Every Journey. Optimize Outcomes.

Man Smile

Accurate, high-quality translations to facilitate seamless multilingual communication between patients and providers.

Staffing Solutions

Staffing and resourcing solutions tailored to medical facilities, ensuring high standards of
patient care.

Senior Help
Therapy Services

Rehabilitation Services designed to restore independence, promote functional outcomes, and facilitate wellness while promoting cost management.

Medical Translation

In-person interpretation services to foster connections and bridge communication gaps instantly.

Voice Help

OPI services providing 24/7 access to subject matter expert interpreters in over 200 languages.

Online Chat
Call Center

Robust training programs to enhance call center quality and ensure 99.9% interpreter availability.


Engage limited English proficient members with language services for healthcare

At the heart of what TransPerfect does is create a mechanism whereby we help managed care organizations engage their non-English-speaking populations on the front end through our services. We've found that our turnkey medical benefits interpretation services allow for an overall increase in member engagement by 30%, which in turn helps to decrease overall medical costs to payers and members by up to 15%.


Blue Cross Blue Shield
achieved a 5-star rating

TransPerfect understands the importance of helping healthcare plans achieve 5 stars on their CMS call center monitoring measures. Achieving 5 stars allows healthcare companies to further engage their current limited English proficient members, attain new members within the diverse population, and increase overall reimbursement from CMS.

Blue Cross Blue Shield was looking for a language services provider that would have interpreters who were readily available and familiar with the terminology of Parts C & D of Medicare. By partnering with TransPerfect Connect, Blue Cross Blue Shield was not only able to fulfill all of CMS's foreign language requirements, but also achieve a 5-star rating.

"Contracting with TransPerfect Connect meant an end to my search in finding an interpretation vendor that really understands the seriousness of the CMS requirements to provide top-notch language services for Medicare beneficiaries. I am extremely satisfied with this partnership that also allowed us to achieve 5 stars on the CMS Call Center Monitoring measure across multiple states."

— Medical Sales, Blue Cross Blue Shield

TransPerfect’s Healthcare Practice Group

At the heart of what TransPerfect does is help to better service your members by ensuring those with disabilities or who are limited English proficient have access to the same information as those who speak English. By doing this, you'll be able to enhance overall customer engagement, remain compliant with governing organizations like CMS, and keep your members happy and healthy.

CMS Secret Shopper

CMS Secret Shopper Audit Period

Our telephonic interpretation division TransPerfect Connect can work with you to enhance your CMS star ratings by up to one full star by ensuring 99.9% interpreter availability. Additionally, we can work with you to audit your current interpretation solution to proactively identify any language gaps prior to the February 1 audits.

Appeals & Grievances

Appeals & Grievances

We understand that once a claim is submitted the clock starts ticking on the adjudication process. TransPerfect's healthcare team has a customized system to translate and return claims and grievance letters within 24 hours.

Digital Content (O)

Digital Content

We are a full-service digital marketing agency offering website, software, and app localization, as well as localization verification of content, such as training videos, and SEO/SEM optimization to make sure your content is found online.

call center support (B)

Evidence of Coverage Build-Outs

We can remediate your mandated materials (directories, EOCs, ANOCs, formularies, SBCs , etc.) to ensure compliance with CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Over the phone interpretation (O)

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Within seconds, connect your customers to our experienced interpreters in over 170 languages using high-speed technology that reduces wait times and quickly handles all inquiries.

Multicultural Marketing (B)

Multicultural Marketing

Target branding, marketing, and advertising for new markets through the use of our expert copywriters and marketing linguists along with technology to help create efficiencies across the entire campaign lifecycle.

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Section 508 & 504 Compliance

We can remediate your mandated materials to ensure compliance with CMS and the ADA.

QA, Testing & Accessibility (O)

Transcription & Media Services

We can provide transcription of your live customer service calls. Additionally, our team can develop, localize, subtitle, and dub your media content into any language to ensure your members have access to all types of content.


Braille, Large Print & Audio

We provide alternative formats for all mandated materials for members who are hearing or visually impaired. Some of our accessibility services include audio description, live closed captioning, sign language, and transcription.



Kickstart your global strategy

We enable our clients to reach new markets globally by connecting with their audiences and providing the best possible customer experience—in any language. 



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