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Women in Translation (WiT) Month 2020: Getting to Know Our Newest Female Freelancers

Women in Translation

Women in Translation (WiT) Month 2020: Getting to Know Our Newest Female Freelancers

We spent August, which is Women in Translation (WiT) Month, getting to know TransPerfect’s newest female translators, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to a few of them! If you’re interested in learning more about the origins of WiT, check out last year’s blog post: TransPerfect Celebrates Women in Translation Month 2019.

Hopefully, seeing just a small sample of our new talent encourages veteran experts to partner with our burgeoning members, and for the whole of the TransPerfect freelance community to continue to get to know one another.

Women in Translation: 2020 Spotlight.

Source Language(s) into Target Language(s):

English into German

Name: Andrea

What made you want to pursue the world of linguistics?

With every new word you learn, you also learn something about yourself. So why not turn it into a profession?

Favorite food and why?

Macarons because their calories don’t count due to the size of a macaron.

*We agree, totally doesn’t count!*

What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to?

Mushroom hunting.

What’s your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate?

New Year’s Eve – I love  celebrating it on the beach of my favorite island with my happy, little family. It’s always one of those moments I’m beyond grateful for the life I live and the people I spend it with.

Andrea recommends these songs for a work from home playlist!

1. (For the summer) Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

2. (For cozy days) Jason Isbell – Cover Me Up

3. (For full focus) Ramin Djawadi – Light of the Seven


Source Language(s) into Target Language(s):

English into Spanish / Spanish into English

Name: Valeria

What made you want to pursue the world of linguistics?

After learning to read at four years old, I fell immediately in love with the English language even though I’m from Argentina, and my mother tongue is Spanish. At five years old, I started learning English seriously, and I’m still learning!

After getting my degree as a certified translator in 2007, I cannot imagine my life as anything but a full-time linguist!

Fun fact…

I talk when I sleep (in English and some other intelligible languages)

When Valeria met Rita…

I adopted a cute dog two years ago. When I met her, she was under the care of a sweet woman who couldn’t keep her, so she was offering her in a park. She was about two months old, had a pink ribbon and a sad face, and was waiting for someone to take her home. *Spoiler alert* I did!

What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to?

I would love to ride a balloon; people say Cappadocia is one of the best places to try it. I will surely do it!

Valeria recommends these songs for a work from home playlist!

1. Back to Black – Amy Winehouse

2. The Scientist – Coldplay

3. Yellow – Coldplay


Source Language(s) into Target Language(s):

Chinese (Traditional and Simplified, Cantonese and Mandarin) into English

Name: Pamela

What made you want to pursue the world of linguistics?

I double-majored in Translation and English Studies (Linguistics and Literature). I would like to use what I have learned to contribute to society. It is very satisfactory to learn that I have helped clients succeed in a product launch or win a court case with my translation/copywriting skills.

Tips on how to start a fun and functional workday!

·       Scheduling, organizing, and daily target setting.

·       Treats and drinks, soothing music, and aroma.

·       Rest, work breaks, and days off are necessary!

Pamela’s favorite show is…

America’s Got Talent. Every time there are new performances that I have never thought of.

What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to?

Standing/sitting on a giant lotus leaf. I have seen this on TV!

Pamela recommends these songs for a work from home playlist!

1. Pure music (cello, flute, and hand drum)

2. Nature sound (water/wave/birds/cats)

3. Jazz (“Coffee shop” music)


Sonia and her dog nine-year-old dog called Clio.

Name: Sonia

Source Language(s) into Target Language(s):

English, Spanish and Catalan Italian

What made you want to pursue the world of linguistics?

My love for travel and my passion for learning new cultures and lifestyles.

Fun facts about you:

·       I am addicted to kickboxing.

·       I make the most delicious handmade pizza in the world (second only to my father’s).

·       An outdoor activity I haven’t tried, but I would like to is… Parachuting – even though I find it a bit scary.

Sonia recommends these 3 songs for a Work From Home Playlist!

1. Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

2. Successful – Ariana Grande

3. Brennan Reels – Martin Hayes Quartet

Sonia’s favorite series is…

My favorite book is Lisey’s Story by Stephen King, and I love it because apart from the story itself, it talks about the strengths of a woman going through a hard time in life.


Source Language(s) into Target Language(s):

Japanese into English



Name: Anne

What made you want to pursue the world of linguistics?

I grew up in a household in California that spoke both Japanese and English but felt my grasp of the Japanese language to be tenuous as the majority of my world was in English. When I was a child, I was an avid reader who ended up majoring in English literature in college. Pursuing the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program upon graduation seemed like a natural course, merging my love of English with my desire to touch base with my Japanese roots. After spending three years in Japan teaching English, I wanted to continue being engaged with Japanese culture and convey it to a western audience. A great way to do this was through translation!

Favorite food and why?

One of my favorite foods is a shrimp burrito. It can have so much going on, with an explosion of lime, sour cream, cilantro, Pico de Gallo flavors, soft pinto/black beans, mild cheese, crunchy cabbage, savory onion, and of course, plump pink shrimp.

Pictured beside Anne is Kin (no, not like the male Barbie!)

Kin’s name means “gold” in Japanese, after his golden eyes. He goes in and out of the house and likes high places, including the roof of Anne’s house.

Anne’s favorite series is…

A favorite book series is Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. The main character is an orphan girl who is hesitantly adopted by a brother and sister who are getting up there in years. Anne charms them with her spunk and imagination. Throughout the storyline, she undergoes her share of tragedy in her younger years, which provides the foundation for her vibrant spirit and creativity. Her temper and impulsiveness get her into scrapes, but she is never at a loss for words. I’m in love with her as a character, as well as the close-knit community around her.

Anne recommends these songs for a work from home playlist!

1. Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling

2. Joga – Björk

3. Ritual Union – Little Dragon


Fun times with Jaime and her two children Tommy and Lexi

Source Language(s) into Target Language(s):

Spanish to English

Name: Jaime

What made you want to pursue the world of linguistics?

It wasn’t on purpose! I began freelance translating on the side (people kept asking me to!) while living in Argentina for almost fifteen years. When I returned to the US, I worked in international philanthropy/nonprofits (only occasionally translating, more as favors), and never quite felt truly happy.

In 2019 I did some soul searching and realized my very best (and happiest) times working were when I was translating/interpreting. It just doesn’t feel like work to me (your perfect work should energize you, not deplete you). So, I decided to return to where I should have been the entire time!

Jaime’s honest tips on how to start a fun and functional workday.

·       Get up before the rest of your household and have breakfast by yourself (it’s OK if you have to hide to accomplish this)

·       Then go for a walk (the woods are best). The outdoors really inspire me (mosquitos inspire evil thoughts though, so bring repellent).

·       Tell your people, “If the door is closed, do not knock unless there is fire or blood.”

What’s your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate?

Halloween. I have a Wonder Woman apron I wear around the neighborhood, and all the other moms laugh and give me nods of approval. Stealing my kids’ candy is also a plus!

Jaime’s favorite series is…

Third Rock from the Sun is one of the funniest sitcoms I have ever seen. I have all seasons on DVD because they don’t show it anywhere anymore. It’s so original, and it really points out all the nonsensical and silly things we do as humans.

Jaime recommends not listening to music…

I don’t listen to music when I work. And definitely not with lyrics while I work because I start typing the lyrics (and if it’s Adele, there is no hope of any work for me at all).


Source Language(s) into Target Language(s):

Italian into English


Name: Leila

What made you want to pursue the world of linguistics?

It was actually by chance. I have multiple degrees in Advertising, Marketing, and Communications, but when I moved to Italy almost 30 years ago, there were no job openings in my field (no one knew what my field was back then). I’ve been bilingual since birth, fluent in another couple of languages, and had worked with languages in the jobs I had during college. Entering the translation field just made sense.

Fun facts…

·       I love to just break out randomly in song and dance whenever there’s music on (and also when I’ve just seen a Broadway musical).

·       Murphy (i.e., from Murphy’s Law) and his whole family practically live with me, and my friends think that I should have my own stand-up comedy act and write a book about all my mishaps.

·       I love anything vintage or Art Deco and collect lots of different things, including neon signs.

An important tip on how to start a functional day from Leila!

Get everything that’s not work-related you have to do out of the way ASAP in the morning.

The secret ingredient in Leila’s favorite food is family…

·       Anything fish-related (ex. spaghetti with clams or sea urchin, fried mixed seafood, mussels).

·       Bureka (Made by my mom)

Leila’s still loves playing Santa, even for her 21-year-old daughter. When asked about her favorite holiday(s) here’s what she had to say:

Halloween and Christmas! I’ve always made my costumes for Halloween and those of my daughter when she was growing up so we could trick or treat. It feels like I practically invented trick or treat in Italy because it was unknown way back when she was growing up. Who doesn’t love Christmas, especially with my family? If we’re together, or just myself and my daughter, and I still put out her presents at night, so she’ll be surprised the next morning. She’s 21!

Source Language(s) into Target Language(s):

Japanese to English

Name: Brooke

What made you want to pursue the world of linguistics?

My love for the Japanese language and linguistics, in general, is what brought me to this career. I view translation as solving a puzzle. Also, I love bringing people together by facilitating communication.

Judging by these fun facts, Brooke is not afraid of the great outdoors!

·       I’ve held a giant scorpion and rhinoceros beetle grub.

·       My happiest place is wading in tide pools and discovering all the life within.

·       I have tried and succeeded at mountain climbing once, summitting Mt. Washington in New Hampshire! However, I haven’t done any in Japan, so that’s my next bucket list item.

Favorite food and why?

Kalbi, because it’s delicious!

Brooke’s favorite tv, books, and movies all have two things in common: They are thrilling and have unique storylines.

·       My favorite book is Out by Natsuo Kirino

·       My favorite movie is The Count of Monte Christo, a beautiful story of love and faith!

·       And I’ll watch anything on the ID channel!

Brooke recommends these 3 songs for a Work From Home Playlist!

1. Caribbean Blue – Enya

2. California – Joni Mitchell

3. Anything Bossa Nova (I like modern song covers)

*Click the link for Bossa Nova covers!*

With so many amazing female freelancers we couldn’t include the full range of women who submitted features. But next year we look forward to meeting them! Celebrating the diverse and qualified female talent of TransPerfect freelance experts every year is truly an honor, and we say thank you for the time and commitment they put in every day.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out our Thank You Letter to the entire Freelance Community here!

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