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TransPerfect Celebrates Women in Translation Month 2019!

By The TransPerfect Vendor Management Team

TransPerfect Celebrates Women in Translation Month 2019!

She’s a Scholar

August is Women in Translation (WiT) Month and TransPerfect is excited to pay homage to all the women translators around the globe! While our entire diverse family of freelance experts is valued, we recognize the importance of taking the time to show appreciation to the women who give TransPerfect their professional allegiance.

The balance women maintain as they excel in their careers while embracing roles as partners, mothers, friends, and community leaders is notable. While we can’t take credit for the creation of this holiday, we appreciate the young scholar, Meytal Radzinski, who did—and all the women who supported her efforts to identify and honor women’s contributions to the linguistic community. August is now a month filled with events, giveaways, and social media campaigns bearing #WiTMonth to connect this global community of female game-changers!

Below are a few of TransPerfect’s own honorees, as well as some fun facts and why, as a company, we are proud to partner with these exceptional women.

Professional and Punctual, She Always Delivers

Izabela Tucakov translates from Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian into English and was nominated by Gabrielle Riley, a TransPerfect Senior Project Manager, for her superior quality, willingness to meet tight deadlines, and unfailingly positive attitude. Izabela personifies so many attributes that TransPerfect values: quality, urgency, and incredible results—she’s the total package.

Fun Fact: Izabela once completed a project right before labor, delivering both a translation and a beautiful baby boy! If that’s not strength and dedication, then we don’t know what is!

More than a Mom

HyeEun Cho was nominated by Heayoung Joung, a TransPerfect Vendor Manager, because she’s truly a marvel! A mom of four, which is extremely rare in South Korea, she embodies the work/life balance that we all seek in our daily lives. HyeEun has very specialized knowledge in the clinical trial field and is an extreme asset to the Korean projects TransPerfect supports for many international clients. In addition to being a VIP translator since 2017, she is affectionately referred to as a “Supermom” and enjoys spending quality time with her family just as much as she enjoys being a Superwoman in the linguistic community.

Fun Fact: HyeEun wins the award for the best selfie. Pictured below are her and some of her kids with adorable stylized cat ears & whiskers!

HyeEun Chow with her kids

Internally Thankful for Women

The New York Life Sciences department couldn’t be more excited to nominate one of our internal Swedish linguists, Sophie Nilsson! Because of her devotion to quality, Sophie has had a significant impact on the department maintaining positive client relationships. Sophie is a true terminology expert, and almost psychic in providing language that is preferred by our diverse selection of clients. Last, but certainly not least, is her commitment to helping her fellow linguists. Sophie has enjoyed doing so by mentoring many external freelance experts over the years.

Fun Fact: When Sophie isn’t serving quality, she might be found serving tunes while playing her guitar!

Till Next Year

While we wish we could spotlight every unique and brilliant woman who partners with us, we look forward to sharing more about the women we work with in 2020! For now, we urge you to check out TransPerfect’s official Instagram (@transperfectgram) and Twitter (@transperfect), which will spontaneously feature women throughout the rest of August.

Need some Women in Translation Month book recommendations? Enjoy!


Book Title


Original Languages


The Beekeeper: Rescuing the Stolen Women of Iraq

Dunya Mikhail



Brother in Ice

Alícia Kopf



The Chilli Bean Paste Clan

Yan Ge




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