Utilize Your Resources – How to Remain a Strong Freelance Contender in 2022!

February 7, 2022

We are officially into a new year! To our new freelance experts, welcome. We can’t wait to watch our partnership with you develop. And to our veterans, thank you for your many years of continued collaboration! 

What are the four things we look forward to in ’22?

1.    More Collaboration
2.    More Tech Updates
3.    More Client Expansion
4.    More Growth

Creating an environment for all four is easily achieved as TransPerfect expands its network of freelance experts. As a company, we continue to encourage practices that will keep linguists relevant in their partnership with us. Our advice is to always prioritize developing and maintaining multiple relationships with project managers, vendor managers, internal linguists, and, of course, each other! Make sure your commitment to quality is visible in your everyday attitude and the work you provide. Finally, use the provided educational tools, resources, and constantly evolving tech to ensure you remain on the road to success alongside TransPerfect.

As the year progresses and some of our amazing websites receive a face lift, we want to remind you that staying in the loop on the latest updates is essential to having a fruitful working relationship with the company. Here’s a snapshot of online resources that should all of our experts should remain familiar with. 

Freelance Expert Resources Available to You:

TransPerfect’s Hub

The Expert Learning Center

It’s not all modules, and links; enjoy revisiting content made with vendors in mind, and often with linguists’ personal contributions.

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“Bee” the Quality They Want to See!

Last year, in lieu of coming together in person, Vendor Experience (VE) focused on how linguists were celebrating life’s special moments within their personal communities, and on sharing technical information our experts wanted to know. Here are a few recent blog posts that reflect that:

The Latest in Blog Posts:

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Thank you for remaining steadfast throughout all of the recent challenges. Having an amazing global community to partner with continues to be a badge of pride TransPerfect wears when discussing its quality with clients. Simply put, we have the best linguists in the world! Stay tuned for blog posts on holiday travel as an expert, cybersecurity best practices, and more. VE’s goal remains providing content that informs, educates, and relates to our current global community. 

As always, if you’re interested in submitting a blog idea, contact us via email at VE_GetInvolved@transperfect.com. If you’re a prospective client, don’t wait another year before getting a quote! A member of our sales team would be happy to create the right service package for you. Lastly, the more the merrier, so if you’re a linguist and looking to start the year by making power moves and working on power accounts, start your journey with us today!

Happy 2022!