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Improving the Machine Translation Post-Editing Workflow

Improving the Machine Translation Post-Editing Workflow

Why the Human Aspect of MTPE Matters

Machine translation post-editing (MTPE) isn’t just a technology-based workflow; it’s a gateway to more revenue. MTPE is a faster translation service that allows for quicker delivery to clients while still providing a human level of quality and care. TransPerfect has a high standard for quality, and the key is for translations to be human. Because our network of freelance experts is constantly diversifying project types, our clients’ content is being translated by quality and experienced linguists.

As the linguistic industry continues to work on the development and improvement of MTPE, it relies heavily on freelance experts to share and grow along with the service. Here are ways that TransPerfect supports your growth as a linguist in the freelance community:

TransPerfect’s Top Four Guidelines for Machine Translation Post-Editing  

1. More MTPE = More Opportunities for Work

TransPerfect wants linguists to feel ready when handling MTPE jobs becomes necessary. To do this, a series of trainings have been developed to cover ISO standards. We establish a level of understanding with MTPE testing for the quality freelance experts we partner with. Linguists who have received the necessary vendor management certifications to work on MTPE projects reap the benefits of faster turnaround times, allowing you:

  • More time to become certified in different material types
  • The availability to accept more projects annually


2. Connect Linguists with Training Staff and Real People

TransPerfect’s Expert Learning Center (ELC) was created with several goals in mind. One of which is to offer opportunities for linguists to become MTPE experts, even if you were not before. Within the ELC platform, a library of MTPE material and training modules can be found. Most importantly, through ELC’s eclassroom webinars, linguists can discuss LIVE queries about MTPE with a company expert. It is strongly encouraged for linguists to attend as your participation helps both you and your fellow freelance experts.


3. MTPE Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

MTPE can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. The sessions offered on the ELC will allow you to take the first steps. Other MTPE features on the ELC include:

  • MTPE Modules
  • MTPE Take-Home Information
  • Eclassroom Training
  • Networking Opportunities with Project and Vendor Managers

Linguists interested in getting started with MTPE can:


4. Challenges with MTPE (We know they exist!)

It’s not a secret that there are challenges when it comes to MTPE. Some frequent items include:

  • Inconsistencies in output results
  • Strict time incurred
  • Meeting budgetary requirements
  • Unforeseen quality corrections
  • Language localization miscalculations

TransPerfect production, vendor, and tech teams are invested in the long-term success of MTPE. We are all committed to approaching vendor escalations with urgency and a “CAN-do” attitude. Three simple action items are the cornerstones of overcoming any MTPE challenges:





You CAN have MTPE Success!

Communicate and flag issues early. We value linguists as industry professionals, and we want to hear from you when there are unexpected issues. Remember to communicate through the lens of long-term helpfulness. Freelance experts are the primary method of change and improvement, and your community relies on transparency.

Adapt to the best course of action that serves the assignment and the client when unforeseen issues arise. We prioritize high quality and on-time deliverables for our clients.

Example: What should you do if you’re concerned about a deadline?

Adapt by reaching out to your PM as soon as possible. Notify them of the concern and request additional time.

Negotiate where possible. Negotiation is an option when it comes to extended deadlines and purchase orders (PO) adjustments that ensure the best quality for our clients. Project managers work with you to choose the best course of action for each situation.

Discussions about rates, time spent, and unforeseen hiccups on accepted projects are uncomfortable but necessary. TransPerfect’s Project Director has a preview feature so you can view the work and negotiate before accepting a project. During any project (not just an MTPE project), if you are spending additional time ensuring quality, communicate that you’re adapting and that you need to negotiate expectations.

We balance all requests with a reasonable outcome for all parties involved and will continue to do so.  

Machine Translation Post-Editing Information Roundup

We are committed to our linguists and want all of you to succeed. We want to hear from you and continue working with you to improve MTPE across the myriad of languages and localizations that exist worldwide. To reach out for further support or to find more information on how to become trained and certified for MTPE work with TransPerfect, please contact vendor management at

TransPerfect has long been a global powerhouse and innovator in technological and language practices; however, we do not chart the course alone. You are working hard alongside us. Thank you to the many linguists, tech teams, project managers, and vendor leaders who gave their time, input, and expertise into making this blog post. More certification and resources are being created as we learn and grow together! If you’re interested in participating in future blog posts, contact vendor experience at today.


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