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Working Women for Equality in Leadership

By: TransPerfect Working Women

Working Women for Equality in Leadership

Women’s Equality Day recognizes the ratification of the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote in the United States. August 26th, 1920, is a day that signifies the validity of the female voice. Prior to this, only a handful of states allowed women the right to vote. Today means much more than simply the right to vote in any given election. This amendment created significant impacts on human rights in gender equality, including reproductive health, job opportunities, fairer wages, education, and general economic progress.

Let’s talk about economic progress.

When women were awarded the right to vote, many other doors opened. One of those doors was the pathway to being a strong leader in business. This has not been an easy road, but women’s suffrage has helped to create opportunities for women to use their voices in influential positions of power. Here we are, 100 years later, and women have fought and climbed their way to a seat at many different tables. They have become CEOs and members of congress, and now we have a woman of color as a vice presidential nominee. Women have come a long way; however, there is still quite a journey ahead.

There are many barriers to women’s equality in business leadership, such as the glass ceiling, the broken rung, and the concrete ceiling. What do these mean exactly? They mean that though women continue to work just as hard, invisible obstacles slow overall progress.

The glass ceiling, for example, is a metaphor used to represent an invisible barrier that keeps a given demographic from rising beyond a certain level in a hierarchy. The broken rung refers to women getting stuck between entry level and middle manager positions. According to, “the biggest obstacle that women face is the first step up to manager, or the “broken rung,” which results in more women getting stuck at the entry level and fewer women becoming managers.” Last, the lesser known concrete ceiling is a term that is comparable to the glass ceiling. It points out artificial barriers and bias that prevent upward mobility of qualified individuals, including women and people of color, by restricting access to top-level roles.

Women Empowered: Equal Rights at TransPerfect

Women continue to tear down these walls, which ultimately would not be possible without the 19th amendment. So how is TransPerfect supporting women's suffrage after 100 years?

It is important to recognize that TransPerfect not only values women in business and leadership roles, but offers proactive organizational support for the advancement and equality of women. One of the major initiatives that focus on women empowerment in the company is Working Women, an internal affinity group led by employees. Working Women aims to accelerate the advancement, empowerment, and leadership of working women at TransPerfect. They accomplish this by inviting professional women from outside organizations to share their stories, give outside perspectives, and inspire women within TransPerfect. They tackle issues that are important to members, define organizational objectives, and impact change together. These conversations are also featured on NEXT The Podcast so our partners, clients, and the public can all benefit from advice from our female thought leaders.

Working Women aspires to elevate women leaders and amplify the voices of employees who would like to become leaders. TransPerfect remains true to its core value of diversity by supporting the growth of this group and empowering women equality in business and leadership.

Today we recognize the significance of the right to vote being the opportunity for women to use their voices to create meaningful change. Happy Women’s Equality Day!

If you are part of the TransPerfect team and would like to get involved with Working Women, please email If you are a TransPerfect working mom seeking resources and support, please join

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