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A TransPerfect Holiday Guide to Learn More, Earn More, & Give Back

The TransPerfect Vendor Management Team

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A TransPerfect Holiday Guide to Learn More, Earn More, & Give Back

A Season of Earning More

As the latter part of the year brings about an abundance of cultural and international holidays, we are also seeing an emerging prevalence of non-traditional holidays. Specifically, “Hallmark holidays,” which are days lauded by businesses and tied to advertising and sales. At TransPerfect, we consider these retail-driven holidays mutually beneficial.

Coupons and deals for the local community are no longer enough; now the market requires cultural and specific personalization on a global scale requiring language services more than ever! Through linguistics, corporations gain access to an endless variety of untapped consumer bases. Though the tried and tested use of ads to promote commercial holidays still influence customers, they could not remain successful without utilizing cultural adaption. Of course, we cannot forget the impact of the worldwide web! Website localization is the crowning glory when it comes to lucrative sales as evidenced by powerhouse corporations such as Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

Not Your Average Day

While you’re enjoying this season of financial growth linked to the use of language services, TransPerfect invites you to remember this is also a season of goodwill and giving back. On top of incorporating translation, cultural adaptions, and website localization into necessary business practices, companies rely heavily on commercial holidays not only to sell products but to broadcast messages. These holidays have continued to garner attraction and fervor, so we are taking this occasion to show how they also embody positive ideals and messages!

First, let’s begin with a brief overview of the commercial holidays we have chosen to spotlight:

  • Black Friday: Every year after the US holiday Thanksgiving (and sometime the night of), consumers enter the shopping season with gusto looking for deals and steals for their loved ones—and themselves!
  • Small Business Saturday: This day began as a movement by credit card titan American Express in 2010 as a way to encourage people to support small businesses and to shop within their local communities.
  • Cyber Monday: The Monday directly following Thanksgiving in which online retailers explode the commercial market with bargains.
  • Giving Tuesday: This day seeks to harness the generosity of millions of people around the world to support the causes they believe in and the communities in which they live.

Now that you have a better understanding of what these holidays are intended to mean globally, here’s what TransPerfect wants you to take away each day:

Black Friday: Work is great, but so is taking a break

Just because there is an influx of working during this season does not mean taking a little time off is not equally important! You’ll work harder for yourself and your clients when you take wellness breaks. Black Friday is often spent with family, while running on the energy of leftovers, searching for amazing gifts that will be given with thought and love. TransPerfect wants you to pick a day, no matter the season, and spend it with the people that are important to you. Everyone loves a reason to gather, have food, and spend quality time. Create that reason and say, “Let’s get together” in whatever language speaks to you with intention and well wishes! 

Small Business Saturday: Support yourself, and support others

Being a freelancer is its own form of entrepreneurship. Every day TransPerfect invests in small businesses by investing in you. We exclaim to our clients with pride that we vet, connect, and collaborate with the highest quality freelance experts. It’s our pleasure to form long-lasting bonds with the vendors who work with each client and will continue to do so far into the future. On Small Business Saturday this year, consider enriching the freelance team that you work with by spreading the word about TransPerfect to your community of Freelance Experts. Help their small business grow by encouraging them to check out the Registration Portal and work with us!

Cyber Monday: Be Online with Learning More!

Usually Cyber Monday means spending the day online to find the best deals and shop to your heart’s content.  But once you’re done, put down your wallets, close your wish lists, and instead take time to cultivate your knowledge using some of TransPerfect’s online platforms:

Check out exciting Breaking News items and updates on TransPerfect’s Hub.

Exploring the wealth of information to enhance your industry know-how on the Expert Learning Center!

Showing care and consideration for yourself, and your loved ones with gifts is amazing, but progressing your skills will enable you to remain successful and always be in touch with burgeoning opportunities.  

Giving Tuesday: The best gift is giving back

Bookmark this commercial holiday! TransPerfect admires a strong commitment to work and financial accomplishments, but a life of balance includes giving back. We believe in philanthropy, and we know you do too! Volunteering, donations, public service; these are all ways to give back to the less fortunate or a community you’re passionate about.

Additionally, mentoring or tutoring someone are other ways to get involved in generosity. Participating in the “spirit of giving” resounds, and we are happy to share here organizations TransPerfect is passionate about contributing to. Furthermore, we take pride that members of our global family also enjoy donating blood, providing well-loved clothing to centers, and spending time making meals for those who need it! This season we ask: how you will contribute?

Buying into A Season of More

In closing, yes TransPerfect wants you to take more work, accept a retail campaign, and gift as much as it is in your heart to give, but also use your downtime to grow your knowledge, spend time together, and maintain a healthy work/life balance that includes altruism. We want to extend an extra-special thank you and appreciation to our Freelance Experts and their families during this season of generosity and joy!

We look forward to sharing more supportive messages with you soon.

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