Community Involvement

Community Involvement

TransPerfect is actively involved in dedicating personal time and energy to improving our community by participating in programs that benefit our neighborhoods and the environment and by providing disaster assistance.

Follow the links below to learn more about specific TransPerfect giving initiatives.

Below are some of the TransPerfect giving initiatives:

TransPerfect has a history of employee-driven disaster response programs. Please follow the links below to learn more about specific TransPerfect disaster relief initiatives. 

April 2020: TLS Helps New York State Legal Community Reduce the Need for Face-to-Face Meetings with Pro Bono Virtual Notary Services

In April 2020, TransPerfect Legal Solutions (TLS) announced that it would waive all charges for virtual notary services in New York in support of the state’s efforts to reduce face-to-face interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual notary services are available to law firms and corporate legal departments where the relevant signatory is physically located in New York State. 

More can be found here.

March 2020: TransPerfect Provides Pro Bono Translation Services to New York State and City Government to Support COVID-19 Communications 

To further assist with the fight against the novel coronavirus, in March 2020, TransPerfect worked with city- and state-level government in New York to translate communications related to COVID-19 into 20 different languages pro bono. TransPerfect was able to provide translation services for crucial information in New York’s earliest stages of the emergency.  

More information can be found here.

March 2020: TransPerfect Offers Corporations Free Customized COVID-19 Prevention Tips Video in 11 Languages 

In March 2020, TransPerfect created a customizable COVID-19 Prevention Tips video for corporations. This video, available in 11 languages, was offered for free and could be personalized with company logos, with the goal of raising employee awareness of general safety tips to prevent the spread of the virus.

In the first week, more than 500 companies took advantage of TransPerfect’s offer. Companies that requested the video included an array of industry-leading corporations from virtually every sector around the globe.

More information can be found here.

February 2020: TransPerfect and Employees Team to Raise Over $25,000 for Puerto Rico Earthquake Recovery

In February 2020, TransPerfect announced donations totaling more than $25,000 to two nonprofit organizations that assisted those impacted by the destruction caused by the powerful earthquakes in Puerto Rico. TransPerfect also launched a program to match any employee donations to the organizations dollar-for-dollar. 

The funds that TransPerfect raised were donated to PRxPR and World Central Kitchen. PRxPR focuses on restoring small farms, rebuilding shelters and schools, and providing food and fuel to those without power. All donations and efforts directly benefited earthquake victims. World Central Kitchen also activated and was able to serve 2,000 meals on the first day. 

February 2020: TransPerfect Donates Over $25,000 to Australian Bushfire Relief

At the beginning of February 2020, TransPerfect donated more than $25,000 to relief and recovery efforts for the Australian bushfires. The total donation was a combination of employee contributions and a company match. Funds were directed to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and Australian Red Cross. 

More information on TransPerfect’s efforts to end the Australian bushfires can be found here.

September 2019: TransPerfect Responds to Hurricane Dorian

In September 2019, Hurricane Dorian, a Category 5 Atlantic hurricane, made landfall in the Bahamas and became regarded as the worst natural disaster in the company’s history. It is estimated that Hurricane Dorian caused over $4.6 billion in damage. During this time, TransPerfect worked with employees to raise over $8,000 for those affected by this tragedy. All proceeds benefited the World Central Kitchen.

August 2018: TransPerfect Responds to California Wildfires 

The year 2018 marked the most destructive wildfire season in California’s history. A total of 1,893,913 acres burned, along with more than 18,000 buildings, leaving many without homes. In the wake of this tragedy, the TransPerfect Employee Matching Program was activated, allowing individual employee donations to be matched by TransPerfect to raise over $25,000 for the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund and the American Red Cross to help bring relief to the devastated region. 

January 2010: TransPerfect Responds to Haitian Earthquake 

The January 2010 earthquake that hit Haiti 16 miles west of its capital, Port-au-Prince, measured 7.0 on the Richter scale with 52 significant aftershocks. An estimated three million people were affected by the earthquake; the government of Haiti reported that an estimated 230,000 people had lost their lives, 300,000 had been injured, and 1,000,000 were left homeless. They also estimated that 250,000 residences and 30,000 commercial buildings had collapsed or were severely damaged.

In the wake of this tragedy, TransPerfect’s executive team created the TransPerfect Employee Matching Program, in which individual employee donations were matched by TransPerfect. The program raised over $50,000 for Haitian Relief efforts, with donations being divided equally between the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

May 2008: TransPerfect Responds to Natural Disasters in Asia 

The cyclone that hit Myanmar on May 2, 2008 caused thousands of deaths and the widespread destruction of homes, roads, water and sanitation systems, fuel supplies, and electricity infrastructure. A company-wide fundraiser, with individual employee donations matched by TransPerfect, raised thousands of dollars for CARE International, one of the few relief agencies with access to the affected areas. So far, over 115,000 people have been helped by CARE's unwavering dedication to providing aid to the affected villages, many of which are not on any maps and are very difficult to reach.

Shortly afterward, on May 12, 2008, the worst natural disaster to hit China in 30 years came in the form of a massive earthquake that killed 69,000 and injured 374,000 more. Millions of people were left homeless, and the area's buildings and critical infrastructure were ravaged. Under the TransPerfect Employee Matching Program, company employees donated in support of the American Red Cross in China. Thanks to the relief efforts of this organization, more than one million survivors have received aid in the form of:

  • Hundreds of trucks transporting relief items on a daily basis
  • Over 35,000 staff and volunteers on the ground distributing food, water, tents, and other essential items
  • Healthcare professionals equipped to provide medical services where needed
  • Psychosocial support teams to serve the emotional needs of survivors
  • Water and sanitation emergency response units to provide clean water and proper sanitation to affected communities
  • Several projects targeted toward long-term rebuilding and recovery efforts

TransPerfect’s fundraising efforts are just a small part of an ongoing commitment to serving the community and the world. 

September 2005: TransPerfect Response to Hurricane Katrina 

In response to the natural disaster that hit the Gulf Coast of The United States, TransPerfect organized a company-wide fundraiser to benefit the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts of the American Red Cross. Between employee donations and the company match, we successfully raised over $24,000 in donations.

The Red Cross, to date, has raised almost $800 million in donations since the hurricane and has used that money to provide relief through these efforts:

  • Emergency Housing – Since Hurricane Katrina made landfall, the Red Cross has provided nearly 2.3 million overnight stays in 902 shelters across 24 states and the District of Columbia. On September 13, 2005, the Red Cross housed more than 61,600 survivors in 327 shelters.
  • Relief Workers – More than 131,000 Red Cross workers from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands responded to Katrina. During this effort, the Red Cross trained an additional 74,000 people in specialized disaster relief skills.
  • Feeding Operations – The Red Cross, in coordination with the Southern Baptist Convention, has served more than 12 million hot meals and more than 8.8 million snacks to survivors of Hurricane Katrina. On September 13, 2005, the Red Cross served more than 365,000 hot meals.
  • Financial Assistance – The Red Cross expanded its efforts to provide financial assistance to upwards of three-quarters of a million survivors dispersed across the nation. Assistance was provided in a variety of ways, including client assistance cards, vouchers, checks, and cash.

TransPerfect and are proud to support the efforts of the American Red Cross around the world.

For more information, please visit the organization at

December 2004: TransPerfect Response to the Asian Tsunami Disaster

In response to the December 2004 tragedy in South Asia, TransPerfect and organized a company-wide fundraiser to benefit The International Response Fund, the Tsunami Disaster Response of the American Red Cross, and the International Medical Corps. Between the employee donations and the company match we successfully raised over $23,000 in donations.

The Red Cross to date has raised over $500 million in donations since the Tsunami and has used that money to provide relief through these efforts:

  • More than 1.6 million people in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives receiving food through an American Red Cross- World Food Program partnership
  • The American Red Cross water sanitation program in Sri Lanka will assist up to 1 million island residents
  • Nearly 300,000 families have received relief supplies including family tents, sleeping mats, cooking sets, hygiene kits and much more
  • 755,000 children vaccinated in Indonesia by the United Nations partners with American Red Cross support

TransPerfect and are proud to support the efforts of the American Red Cross around the world.

For more information, please visit the organization at

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