Voiceover & Dubbing

From feature films and episodic content to product videos and marketing campaigns, we use a hybrid model for dubbing and voiceover services that includes the use of our 44 owned and operated recording facilities, 32 mixing rooms, third-party partner studios, and cloud-based recording platform, StudioNEXT. We follow a stringent testing process to ensure all of our talent are native-level speakers, and subdivide them based on subject matter familiarity. We provide an authentic recording that is tailored for your appropriate target audience—with both union and non-union talent certified in over 170 languages.

MediaNEXT is our proprietary technology platform that's the backbone for our voiceover and dubbing solutions. You can find more information on our website.

Professional voiceover talent

From television, film, audio-only, and online content to training and e-learning materials, our voiceover actors have the expertise and experience to convey your message to both international and local audiences, ensuring that the style, tone, and voice fit your preferences. We can provide you with voice bank samples from our database of voice talents or the option to case the talent to perform live reads from your selected content.

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Head to our MediaNEXT website, which is the backbone for voiceover and dubbing solutions.
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