The Challenge

VMware is a world leader in creating virtualized data applications and cloud infrastructure solutions to enable its clients to thrive in today’s technology-driven business environment.

As part of its global marketing initiative, VMware endeavors to produce compelling, localized video advertisements and messaging to introduce and develop its services worldwide.

TransPerfect Studios was hired to repurpose VMware’s hybrid cloud service video for release in China.


The Solution

As the leader in the translation and comprehensive localization of highly branded content, TransPerfect Studios effectively repackaged VMware’s video content to completely resonate with a Chinese audience.

By incorporating a figurative use of the Mandarin language, sourcing a native Chinese speaker for the voiceover, localizing the on-screen graphics, and re-editing the video using Chinese-centric imagery, TransPerfect Studios delivered a final product that appeared to have been originally created in and for the Chinese market.

The localized videos were far more impactful for VMware in the target region, and the introduction of the localized content has led to greater brand awareness and revenue potential in China.



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