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Media Localization Powered by AI

A revolutionary cloud-based technology platform that simplifies and facilitates a data-driven AI approach to creative media localization and management.




StudioNEXT is a technology-driven transformation of dubbing and voiceover services using state-of-the-art cloud technology. The StudioNEXT platform allows voice talents from around the world to record studio-quality audio in a cloud-based environment, utilizing a standardized home recording kit.

  • Professionalized home recording
  • Distributed workforce
  • Real voices in studio quality
  • Data-driven approach to costs, quality, and workflow optimization

MediaNEXT Order Portal

Web-based portal that enables clients to upload requests, receive estimates, download deliverables, and track project status.

  • Report dashboards
  • API integration with client systems
  • Automated order creation
  • Secure and accelerated file transfer

MediaNEXT Timed Text

MediaNEXT's timed text feature is the world's first cloud-based platform that allows for subtitling and script creation, with integrated translation memory, glossary, and smart machine translation capabilities.

  • AI-based workflows
  • In-context post-editing and QA
  • Real-time in-context client review
  • Advanced file encryption and rights management

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Smart Machine Translation

Smart machine translation (MT) lets you harness the power of AI to save money, meet tight deadlines, and translate high volumes of content. Highly skilled post-editors review and fine-tune the smart MT output, spending their time focused on adapting the content to achieve the creative intent of the source, rather than translating from scratch. The human approved translations are then fed back into the smart MT engine for the machine learning process.