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Enterprise Scale Translation > Services

Document Translation

Whatever the language, whatever the subject, whatever the intended use, TransPerfect has the resources and expertise to translate your documents quickly and accurately. We have a network of over 5,000 professional linguists, each of whom has a native-level proficiency of their target language and a certified expert in their subject area. Additionally, each project is subject our ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system, ensuring the highest level of quality and authenticity.

Website Localization

The internet is the most efficient way for any multinational company to reach an unlimited number of markets simultaneously. With TransPerfect's host of website globalization services and technology solutions, maintaining a multilingual public-facing website has never been easier. Whether you need to build a multilingual website from the ground up, or you just need help localizing your existing content, our web experts will skillfully translate and implement your site to your exact specifications.

Globalization & Translation Memory Tools

TransPerfect employs several TM tools (also known as computer-aided translation or CAT tools). This software aids our translators, editors, and proofreaders in quickly turning around projects and helps ensure the highest level of consistency across global brands. Employed for every client and project, Translation Memory tools streamline the overall workflow and reduce costs by leveraging previously translated content.

GlobalLink Content Director

GlobalLink Content Director is TransPerfect's flagship GMS (globalization management system) technology solution. By employing change detection and workflow integration, content managers are able to initiate a more cost-effective and efficient globalization process.

GlobalLink Portal

Designed specifically for internal localization managers, our GlobalLink Portal provides a cost-effective, centralized gateway to manage company translation efforts. As a fully hosted solution, the portal requires no technical overhead while providing an intuitive, feature-rich set of tools to meet any localization requirement.

GlobalLink Term Manager

GlobalLink Term Manager is a web-based terminology management tool that allows any translation manager to modify, review, search or delete existing terms. For enterprise-wide translation projects, companies can control preferred terminology and incorporate brand voice. GlobalLink Term Manager also provides a collaborative environment where all parties involved in the translation process can share glossary resources in real time.

GlobalLink TM Server

GlobalLink TM Server is a robust, reliable and scalable solution that allows translation memories to be shared in real-time across an organization. By making these assets available to all individuals involved in the translation process, companies can achieve the maximum amount of content leveraging.

GlobalLink TransStudio

GlobalLink TransStudio is a java-based translation and editing application designed to help translators work more efficiently. The application presents translators with a collaborative environment where Translation Memory (TM) files can be accessed quickly and efficiently.

GlobalLink TransStudio is a flexible tool that can work with desktop TM files or interact directly with GlobalLink's powerful TM Server application. The application can operate as a stand-alone tool to supplement existing translation workflows, or can add even greater efficiencies through integration with the Translations.com's GlobalLink Product Suite.

GlobalLink Project Director

TransPerfect's GlobalLink Project Director offers clients the powerful workflow of a globalization management system (GMS) as a completely hosted solution. Clients can now make globalization efforts more cost-effective and efficient within an SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model.

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