AI Solutions for Life Sciences

DataForce ensures accurate and HIPAA-compliant data to help medical professionals improve patient care, reduce costs, and maintain PHI security.

Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

Chatbot Localization and Optimization

Chatbots can respond to questions and provide medical information to patients and cover up to 80 percent of queries instantly. TransPerfect DataForce can help all chatbot developers collect patient prompts from a diverse target group, categorize or identify prompts into predefined groups, translate the chatbot’s responses, and run user tests to ensure the responses are compliant and linguistically and culturally accurate. Thanks to our unique, end-to-end chatbot localization process your patients and staff will receive immediate and accurate responses in any language.

Medical Imaging Annotation Outsourcing

Radiologists and pathologists looking to accelerate their productivity and potentially improve their accuracy have an opportunity to do so by leveraging AI. TransPerfect DataForce has a global network of medical professionals who are able to accurately label medical imaging. Our diversified business process outsourcing has been designed for seamless integration with our clients’ teams, quick turnaround times, and competitive costs.

Information Extraction

Healthcare analytics is based on data collected from four areas: claims and costs, pharmaceutical and R&D, clinical electronic health records, and patient behavior and sentiment. Applications of healthcare analytics include designing treatment protocols, predicting patients’ medical expenses, and even preventing suicide and patient self-harm. TransPerfect DataForce has a global workforce of text labeling experts and machine learning capabilities to help you convert unstructured data to structured or semi-structured data. With our annotation services, DataForce helps our customers develop state-of-the-art pharmacovigilance and precision medicine solutions across different data sources, including social media and medical reports.

OCR for Medical Records

Digital medical documents provide clarity, accuracy, and timeliness and have become increasingly necessary. Electronic health records eliminate the need to track down a patient's previous paper medical records and assist in ensuring data is accurate and legible. TransPerfect DataForce improves the optical character recognition (OCR) models of our customers by offering handwritten data collection and transcription services in more than 200 languages.

Off-Site Participant Data Collection

Clinical trials and studies need innovative ways to collect patient data remotely, especially now during a big push for remote capabilities. TransPerfect’s cloud-based voice, video, and text collection apps allow us to collect data from targeted cohorts in almost every country. TransPerfect uses a set of mobile and computer apps to collect, curate, label, and redact data from diverse groups based on the specific requirements of each study. Our services help our clients develop innovative, AI-powered technologies that can revolutionize emedicine by processing different signals, such as voice recordings or selfies, to diagnose a certain pathology or even monitor the spread of a pandemic.

Global Focus Groups

With regional health regulators requiring trials within their country, study teams need flexible ways to collect data with reduced constraints that provide more scalability to pharmaceutical companies. TransPerfect DataForce can enlist, schedule, moderate, and record focus groups based on our clients’ requirements in more than 40 countries. Thanks to our cloud-based data processing platform, we can label and redact the recorded data in video, audio, or text format.


DataForce has a global community of 1,000,000 members from all around the globe and linguistic experts in over 200 languages. DataForce is its own platform but can also use client or third-party tools. This way, your data is always under control.