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Why Gaming Companies Need Quality Player Support

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Why Gaming Companies Need Quality Player Support

It’s no secret that gaming is continuing to explode and has become more popular than it’s ever been.

Gaming is the biggest moneymaker in entertainment, and the industry was valued at $162.32 billion in 2020.

Now, with more than 2.69 billion video game players worldwide, it’s crucial for companies to have high-quality, strong player support agents in order to ensure their players stay happy.

The Importance of Player Support

Most industry developers know that releasing a game is just the beginning of the journey.

In order to keep player satisfaction and loyalty at an all-time high, strong player support is needed to keep your players loyal to your game.

As the gaming population continues to grow, gaming companies are expanding into new markets, requiring additional player support available for each and every player.

Most gamers aren’t just a one-and-done type of player. Once they find a game that they love, they become long-time supporters with a strong loyalty and enthusiasm for certain games.

When developers create new games within the same game family, they instantly have an audience of players due to the devotion that already exists.

Gamers need strong player support agents to continue having a strong relationship with the game—here are our top three reasons why.

1) High Expectations

When anyone calls a player support line, the first thing they are looking for is assistance—and they want it quickly. They have already exhausted all other options and searched through the gaming website’s FAQ page, comment boards, and community forums to see if they can troubleshoot the problem on their own.

Once they are connected to their player support agent, they want their answers quickly, and they want it done right. As the developer, you always want players to walk away from the call happy, ready to jump back into the game and continue to play.

2) Mutual Language Between Player and Support

Beyond getting their answers quickly, they want to be understood and to understand the answers they receive.

Having player support agents in all markets where your games are available is necessary to provide the best support possible.

The gamers need to feel comfortable while they are speaking to the player support agents. To avoid confusion and frustration, the most important factor is having available support agents who speak the necessary language at all times.

3) Hiring Gamers As Support Agents

The best way to support your players is by being a gamer yourself. Gamers are looking for the best customer support available and there is no one better to provide that support than gamers themselves.

If you’re looking for player support, look no further than TransPerfect.

Our multilingual player support teams are gamers at heart. They have the skills to increase your game’s visibility across multiple markets and keep your players coming back for more.

By working with us, you’ll get the right services for each and every project at the scale you need.


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