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Freelance Experts 02.14.20 BLOG 

TransPerfect Loves Making it Easy to Work with Us!

By TransPerfect, Vendor Management Team

V-Day with TrasPerfect

TransPerfect Loves Making it Easy to Work with Us!

Valentine’s Day is arguably one of the most positive commercial holidays of our time. Red, white, and pink décor abounds in bookstores, retails shops, and coffee hangouts—reminding us all it’s time to spread appreciation and joy! As we all settle into 2020 and start putting more work into our New Year’s goals, we wanted to show our appreciation for you by reminding you of all the great resources that are available for you to fall in love with!

Project Managers – Your Everyday Cupids

TransPerfect prides itself on our relationships. Project managers (PMs) are on the home front talking to you daily and forming strong bonds that span careers and lifetimes. To let you behind the curtain, PMs from different departments are often in close proximity sharing knowledge, being peer mentors to one another, and sharing the love we have for our linguists.

PMs take pride in recommending freelance experts or encouraging the linguists they talk to every day to work with other teams. While our PMs wish they could spend all of February mailing mountains of candy in heart boxes printed with “Be Mine” they will continue to show their gratitude and appreciation for all of you by sending mountains of project requests instead!

Vendor Management says “Yes”

Valentine’s Day gives the world an excuse every year to celebrate all the meaningful relationships in our lives. That so many weddings and proposals occur around the holiday is proof that people are trying to build lasting relationships with solid foundations and the potential to grow into the future. TransPerfect’s Vendor Management departments say “yes” to new relationships every day. They work tirelessly to provide the best honeymoon stage for new vendors and keep in contact with our veteran freelance experts as they celebrate many TransPerfect anniversaries. As a company, we understand that life is filled with changes and transitions. The Vendor Management departments will continue to partner with you as you expand your experience and knowledge working with TransPerfect’s many clients and services.

The Internet is Forever and so is Our Commitment to You

In Paris, France there is a bridge called The Pont des Arts or Passerelle des Arts, and on this famous bridge, lovers leave locks as tokens of their commitment. All of our online platforms are bridges built for you to always feel supported and engaged with the TransPerfect family. Like love notes in a journal, or your favorite message from a pen pal, make sure you bookmark these essential platforms today!

TransPerfect’s HUB – We LOVE providing every resource that you need literally at your fingertips

Expert Learning Center – Love yourself by continuing your education – Log-in now!

TransPerfect Freelance Blogs – Consider these messages of Friendship from TransPerfect to You

Registration Portal – Spread the Love and the Joy that comes with Working with TransPerfect

You might have noticed over the last year we have been working hard with you and for you to bring more vendor-related content and visibility. Thank you for working with us and continuing to be bright and positive lights in the TransPerfect global community.

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