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Q&A: Hands-On Interpretation

By The TransPerfect Recruiting Team

Q&A: Hands-On Interpretation

At TransPerfect, our recruitment specialists understand that it’s not about just finding any interpreter, but finding the best interpreters who are experts in their fields. Interpretation experts have mere seconds to ensure that the message is conveyed correctly, relying on exceptional accuracy that is achieved immediately during an assignment. Juan Arevalo, Sr. Recruiter at TransPerfect—and a specialist who recruits for American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters—knows this all too well.

This Q&A with Juan will shed light on TransPerfect’s process and his passion for recruitment, showcasing the unique demands and challenges of recruiting for such a specialized and distinctive field.

    What are the typical work assignments you are recruiting ASL Interpreters for?

    Most of our ASL interpreters receive various assignments in different fields. They range from community interpreting (medical, schools, social services) to legal and conference interpretation. Assignments are varied and challenging, so there is no shortage of exciting and fulfilling work available.

    What is the added benefit of signing on to work with us as an ASL interpreter?

    Working with us as an ASL interpreter offers the opportunity to assist deaf consumers while being introduced to the spoken language agencies. In the past couple of years, we have seen an increase in demand for ASL interpreters from our clients. ASL interpreters will have the opportunity to work with Fortune 100 companies and other sectors while also assisting the deaf community in more service-oriented roles.

    What are the qualities we are looking for in ASL interpreters?

    We are looking for individuals who have a degree in interpretation from universities such as Gallaudet, a NIC certification along with RID, flexibility in working with a spoken languages company such as ours, and additional skills such as tactile interpretation.

    What makes you passionate about working in this specific interpretation field for TransPerfect?

    My aunt worked at the United Nations, which was my first exposure to ASL. The UN houses the World Federation of the Deaf, an international non-profit, and non-governmental organization of deaf associations from 133 countries. When I met deaf people from so many different parts of the world, I was blown away by the number of different variations of sign language. Even I could identify that American Sign Language differs from Canadian Sign Language or British Sign Language. It made me very passionate and interested in ensuring that the communication needs of the deaf community are met.

At TransPerfect, our recruitment professionals understand your unique role as an ASL interpreter and can help you succeed in your career by offering a large number of assignments and connecting you with the right clients. If you are interested in working with TransPerfect, please visit and inquire about our freelance opportunities today!


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