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Freelance Experts 11.12.18 BLOG 

PD Invoicing: Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick

By The TransPerfect Technology Solutions Team

PD Invoicing: Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick

Working as a freelance linguist can sometimes feel like being Superman. Your superhero arsenal includes speaking multiple languages, being a whiz at CAT tools, specializing in different subject matters, and constantly saving the day for our clients! And yet… you sometimes feel like you’re stuck in the phone booth as Clark Kent, burdened by mundane human tasks that need to be completed. It’s hard to change into your inner superhero when you have files to retrieve, translation memories to connect, glossaries to cross-check, and invoices to process.

Any good fan will tell you superheroes owe a lot to their invaluable sidekicks. Where would Superman be without Jimmy Olsen, Wonder Woman without her Lasso of Truth, 007 without MI6 behind him, or even Snoopy without his best buddy—Woodstock? At TransPerfect, we want our technology to be the Robin to your Batman. With every job you start, we provide a cache of tools to help you complete your work efficiently and effectively. Zoom towards deadlines with AI technology, soar from one project to the next via Project Director, and send errors to a galaxy far, far away with TransCheck tools.

Now live is a new gadget to help take you to the next frontier—PD Invoicing, brought to you by TransPerfect’s very own Justice League, the Project Director Development team. PD Invoicing will enable freelance experts to get organized and invoice for projects with the click of a button directly into Project Director. The PD team has spent the last few months working on this crucial invoicing update, and they couldn’t be more excited for how this change will improve an essential chunk of a freelancer’s daily grind.

After-credits special: A sneak peek into how it works!

Moving forward, freelancers will be able to:

  • Receive and view purchase orders directly in PD
  • Invoice purchase orders into RIPS directly from PD—with customizable invoice numbering and logo, as unique as a superhero’s costume
  • Send copies of the POs and invoices via email

TransPerfect is fired up to see these features come to life, and we cannot wait to hear your feedback by emailing! Please stay tuned: The Bat Signal will soon be lit, ready to alert you to even more technological breakthroughs. Find out more about PD Invoicing and other technology updates by visiting TransPerfect’s Expert Hub—designed with our vendor superheroes in mind, and tailored to provide an “enterprising” experience!



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