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Freelance Experts 01.23.20 BLOG 

National Compliment Day – 2020 Spotlight!

The TransPerfect Vendor Management Team

national compliment day

National Compliment Day – 2020 Spotlight!

Picture running to catch the elevator on a Monday morning, and a coworker helpfully holds the doors for you so you can make it. The first thing you notice is their posh screaming orange leather boots. “Love your boots! They look amazing, and thanks for holding the elevator,” you say. Just this one interaction starts a domino effect of positivity that spreads through your entire workplace! TransPerfect wants to start the chain reaction of a positive work year for you, by sharing some appreciative compliments our employees have to say about their freelance community counterparts.

Idalia is the Ideal Choice

“[Idalia Martin] …is a strong and dedicated linguist. I appreciate her honesty in suggesting what a client might need and always helping us build style preferences with new clients. She is a very important resource for Iverson, for which I am very grateful.”

From Rachel Stoebe, Digital Project Manager to Idalia Martin, a Freelance Expert

Famous for a Fantastic Attitude!


“Rina is so understanding of tight deadlines, she truly is willing to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our clients! It’s great to work with someone so sweet and polite.”

From Kanchan Laljani, Project Coordinator to Rina Ota, a Freelance Expert

Our Own Personal Mother Teresa


“Dear Teresa,

Thank you so much for helping us so often with your great Life Sciences expertise into European Portuguese. It’s a pleasure working with such a knowledgeable and thorough linguist. We can’t thank you enough!”

From Joana Malta Gomes, Senior Internal Linguist to Teresa Ferreira, a Freelance Expert

A Rose by Any Other Name

“To this day, I have only received good feedback on Rosana’s work. She is a perfect fit for digital marketing projects, with a creative touch and adaptability to client requests for their ad copy. I am amazed by her attention to detail while being able to juggle many different requests. I really appreciate Rosana’s collaboration.

From Rachel Stoebe, Digital Project Manager to Rosana Alcobe, a Freelance Expert

Alexander the Great


“Alex has all the great qualities you could ask for when working with a vendor. Honesty and flexibility are practically his middle names!

From Kanchan Laljani, Project Coordinator to Alexander Rodriguez, a Freelance Expert

Going the Extra Mile

“Billy’s time and dedication to the Samsung account for two years is a big reason why the client is so happy to work with TransPerfect. He always goes the extra mile to help with quick turnaround times, and without his constant commitment, we wouldn’t be where we are with this client today!”

From Ariane Mignault, Senior Project Manager to Billy Jean-Baptiste, a Freelance Expert

A Constant Ray of Consistency

“Constantin is always very dedicated and responsive, taking care of spotting the little minute and important details that come together at the end of a project! Couldn’t be happier to work with him!”

From Leonie van der Meer, Department Manager to Constantin Mingioi, a Freelance Expert

Cool like David Bowie


“I appreciate that David is so easy to work with, in addition to being a fun, creative guy!”

From Kanchan Laljani, Project Coordinator to David Bocian, a Freelance Expert

We hope you enjoyed this small spotlight into TransPerfect’ Freelance Community! If you’re interested in more spotlights check out TransPerfect Celebrates Women in Translation Month 2019! & Celebrating Our Freelance Experts 365 Days a Year.

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