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Celebrate National Job Action Day with TransPerfect

Celebrate National Job Action Day with TransPerfect

Monday is traditionally the beginning of the work week, but for many freelancers—who dedicate their time, energy, and education each and every day—this isn’t the case. There is a particular Monday, which TransPerfect wants to celebrate with you: National Job Action Day. Every first Monday in November, the public is encouraged to take job action—by applying for new jobs, making follow-ups, or taking steps to progress in their current career—and this year TransPerfect is excited to participate.

The History

Job Action Day is dedicated to empowering job seekers to be creative and brave while looking for employment. The hope is that candidates will feel more focused and ambitious when it comes to finding the job that is right for them. Using this day as a platform, TransPerfect wants you to pursue your passion and work on more projects that bring you satisfaction and fulfillment!

How Can You Celebrate With Us?

1. Accept more jobs on Project Director you feel excited about

TransPerfect prides itself on providing a plethora of unique opportunities to our freelance community, and as we move into the last months of the year, we encourage you to continue growing your portfolio of work with us.

2. Explore new options

If you have been meaning to get new certifications, go back to school to continue your linguistic education, or send that email asking about what other services you’re qualified to work on, now’s the time! Take actions that bring you closer to teams you’ve desired to work with. Complete more of our certification tests to see, realistically, what new doors can be opened to you. Sometimes the hardest part is getting started; use Job Action Day to spring forward into your future!

3. Encourage others

Do you already have the dream team and relationship with TransPerfect? Great, now it’s time to share the opportunities with your colleagues in the linguistic community! Encourage other freelance experts you know who don’t yet have a relationship with TransPerfect to start their journey now. By visiting on Job Action Day, you colleagues can take action in creating a brighter and more profitable future for themselves.

No Limits

“Going for it” can seem daunting. In a world of constantly changing technology, language guides, and projects, you might wonder where you’ll find the time for something new. Job Action Day is the perfect time to let those thoughts go!

Below are just a few TransPerfect resources that will help you remain ahead of the curve:

1. SSO: Just one email and password are required to gain access to all of TransPerfect’s platforms and tools after you finish your onboarding through Gateway.

2. PD – Invoicing:  Within Project Director, TransPerfect has created a system that allows you to claim, invoice, and organize all your projects in one central location—helping you save time and be the most efficient version of yourself!

3. ELC: At TransPerfect, We Know How™. And when you work with us, will you too! The Expert Learning Center (ELC) provides you access to hands-on training tutorials and a treasure chest of materials that will help your career with TransPerfect grow and develop.

4. The Hub: A place where freelance experts and potential vendors can access news, content, helpful resources, and all the platforms that enable you to stay part of TransPerfect’s global community.

5. WordFast: As the foremost technology used in handling translation memory, WordFast contributes to quality, effectiveness, and efficiency. Having the latest version is a great way for all freelance experts to feel supported when working on projects.

Use Your Voice

How do you plan to get involved and join the conversation on Job Action Day? Tweet us @transperfect to share stories about how you’re taking action, and don’t forget to use the slogan and hashtag if you’re showing your enthusiasm on other social media networks:

It’s a #TransPerfect time to take Action!

You can check out the rest of our freelance expert blogs created for your education and enjoyment here! We look forward to seeing how our global community is celebrating Job Action Day!

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