Are You Ready for Bill 96?

Now is a good time to start looking into ways your organization can stay compliant with Bill 96. TransPerfect can provide the knowledge and tools you will need to overcome translation obstacles and adhere to Bill 96. 


On June 1, 2022, the Quebec government passed legislation on Bill 96 to strengthen Quebec’s language laws and preserve the French language. While businesses with more than 50 employees were already subject to many of these Charter laws, including the Charter of the French Language, Bill 96 significantly changes and strengthens these policies—notably, businesses with more than 25 employees or that have operations in Quebec are now subject to Bill 96.  

How TransPerfect Can Help


Machine Translations

Our GlobalLink technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities helps our clients meet their growing content goals by combining best-of-breed neural machine translation (NMT) with best-practice approaches for optimizing content and business processes. We don’t view NMT as a replacement for human translation but rather as a way to maximize the business impact of translation and localization. Machine translation is a great solution for cutting down costs and turnaround times, especially for organizations that need a lot of content translated fast for Bill 96.


Translation Memory

Translation memory (TM) is a database that stores previously translated content to help translators maintain consistency in their work. It stores the units (technical terms or phrases) that can be reused for future translations. Making these words easily accessible helps to speed up the translation process as well as make the translation consistent and accurate. TM also helps reduce long-term translation costs for companies, as previously translated content can be used in future translations.


AI Portal

TransPerfect’s proprietary AI Portal provides self-service machine translation. Documents and short texts can be translated in real time with the option to add a light- or full-human post-editing step. The AI Portal can also be customized with linguistic assets, such as translation memories and glossaries, to teach/train the content to better align with your business speak and nuances. AI Portal could be used by employees communicating with other employees in Quebec, internal translators who need to speed up their workflows, and many others.


GlobalLink Connect

GlobalLink Connect serves as a bridge between your back-end systems and our translation services, allowing you to use the full functionality of your CMS, DMS, e-commerce, PIM, and database platforms to manage multilingual content. With Bill 96, organizations must have their English and French content readily available at the same time. GlobalLink Connect can eliminate manual file export, cutting, and pasting, as we can connect directly into your systems, ultimately speeding up the translation process to ensure you are staying compliant with Bill 96.


Language Services

TransPerfect offers a variety of services that can help organizations communicate with their customers or employees in their native language (French) for Bill 96. For instance, TransPerfect offers virtual or in-person interpreting and closed captioning services for large conferences, informal meetings, legal proceedings, and more. TransPerfect can also staff your call centers with bilingual agents or can offer direct over-the-phone interpretation for your agents to use. Furthermore, we can offer human transcription of audio/video to text, voiceover and subtitling, and end-to-end training services (e-learning, training videos, in-person training).


Canadian Operations

With offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, TransPerfect offers Canada-wide support for your organization 24/7 and 365 days a year. TransPerfect has a dedicated production hub based in Montreal to help organizations with their French-Canadian needs and offices in more than 100 cities worldwide to further support global companies with their multilingual needs. Organizations can trust TransPerfect when it comes to partnering with a translation services provider, as we are CAN/CGSB-131.10-2008, ISO 9001, & ISO 17100 certified and offer some of the industry’s leading technology and AI solutions.


Customer Support

Bill 96 tightens legislation pertaining to not only written communication but also verbal communication. Small- to medium-sized businesses may struggle to find staff who can communicate in Canadian French. TransPerfect can assist organizations by routing their calls to our global call centers. The process is simple: we provide our clients a 1-800 number, which customer service agents can call. They then choose the language they need (such as French), and within seconds, an interpreter joins the line for a three-way call to better facilitate communication between the agent and the client. We can also help with video interpretation, live email and chat translations, and multilingual staffing. Not only does this help companies ensure compliance with Bill 96, but it also improves customer experience.



TransPerfect has a variety of accessibility services that can cover the entire digital space. We offer everything from website accessibility to documents (even in alternate formats like braille and large print), media and live events, and diversity inclusion of materials. We can also advise and help create plans for The Accessible Canada Act, provide alternate formats for the published plan, consult on the feedback methods required, and even take on the bulk of the work to transform digital spaces and make them accessible.

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Quebec’s Bill 96: How We Can Help

The cost of translation can be a burden to many businesses, especially small businesses with razor-thin margins. For enterprise businesses, the scope of content that must be translated can also be a challenge, with large amounts of content now requiring translation. TransPerfect can centralize and mitigate many of the forthcoming pain points associated with Bill 96…


TransPerfect’s AI-powered language solutions specialized in French for Canada help companies avoid fines and ensure compliance with Bill 96.
This past May, the Quebec government adopted Bill 96, with the intention of ultimately strengthening the Quebec language laws...
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