AI Neural

Neural Machine Translation

Anticipating the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the way businesses manage and publish multilingual content, the language services industry has been a major driving force in the advancement of neural machine translation (NMT) technology.

Our tests demonstrate that NMT customization leads to an average quality improvement of 30% over the baseline. 


A cutting-edge approach to data cleaning, engine preparation,
and deployment



A process in which we use our clients’ linguistic assets, such as translation memories and terminology, to teach our machine translation engines to translate the content accordingly, leading to average quality improvement of 30% over the baseline.

Constant Innovation

Continuous Innovation

Through sophisticated machine learning technology and linguistic analysis, TransPerfect is committed to ongoing improvement by regularly benchmarking the quality of our systems against other machine translation systems available in the market.



Machine translation programs require accurate reporting, which is why we developed the Metrics Server, a sophisticated dashboard that displays details at the language, client, and file levels and provides insight into larger trends to drive improvements in quality and efficiency. 

Beyond MT

Beyond Machine Translation

Our expertise allows us to provide a wide array of AI translation solutions to our clients, including natural language processing (NLP), machine learning consultancy, summarization, predictive typing, entity extraction, and chatbots, among other services.


Based on a powerful algorithm, our neural machine translation uses state-of-the-art
proprietary technology

GL Integration

GlobalLink Integration

We believe machine translation should be available in any platform for use by our clients and internal teams, which is why our AI solutions are fully integrated into the GlobalLink suite of tools. GlobalLink technology is easily integrated into other tools, such as Relativity, which is used to facilitate e-discovery for multilingual documentation.



A universal API enables integration with a wide range of content management systems, conveniently and seamlessly delivering machine translations directly to your platform.

AI Portal

AI Portal

Our answer to other publicly available tools, the AI Portal is a standalone, web-based interface for secure document and free text translation that is trusted by global businesses and industry leaders. 


At TransPerfect, we believe that the people involved in the process are
just as important as the technology itself

Our Linguists

Our Linguists

We place special emphasis on training linguists with machine translation best practices. With more than 75% of our active freelance linguists certified for machine translation post-editing services under ISO 18587 and approximately 200 additional linguists onboarded each month, we approach machine translation by placing humans at the center of our quality management strategy.

Global MT Experts

Dedicated Experts

At the core of the advancements that keep TransPerfect an industry leader is our dedicated AI team, which has expanded to include a research and development department, software engineers, and an implementation team located in several countries around the world.


24/7/365 Support

To keep your translations running smoothly around the clock, our GlobalLink AI Portal features a dedicated global team providing 24/7 support, 365 days a year.

Efficiency and Scale FOR ALL INDUSTRIES

The flexibility of our machine translation makes it well-suited to meet a wide range of business needs


Pharmacovigilance & Safety Reporting

Major pharmaceutical organizations use TransPerfect to translate everything from PROs to labels and marketing content

TransPerfect offers high-quality translations of contracts and agreements and quick and efficient translations for large volumes of documents

TransPerfect’s diverse AI-powered MT solutions translate content ranging from marketing and property pages to onboard menus
Retail Machine Translation

Product translations can benefit immensely from reductions in time and cost afforded by our powerful neural MT services and seamless integrations with CMS and e-commerce platforms

Kickstart your global strategy

We enable our clients to reach new markets globally by connecting with their audiences and providing the best possible customer experience—in any language. 



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