Media Localization Powered by AI

Media Localization Powered by AI

Media Localization Powered by AI

A revolutionary cloud-based technology platform that simplifies and facilitates a data-driven AI approach to creative media localization and management.

Video Translation
Subtitling services


World's first cloud-based platform that allows for subtitle creation, with integrated translation memory, glossaries, and smart machine translation capabilities.

  • AI-based workflows
  • In-context post-editing and QA
  • Real-time in-context client review
  • Advanced file encryption and rights management

Order Portal

Web-based portal that enables clients to upload requests, receive estimates, download deliverables, and track project status.

  • Report dashboards
  • API integration with client systems
  • Automated order creation
  • Facilitate secure and accelerated file transfer
Online Video Localization Portal

dubbing and voiceover services

Dubbing & Voiceover

Technology-driven transformation of dubbing and voiceover services that enables the creation of world-class localized audio with brand consistency in mind.

  • Professionalized home recording
  • Distributed workforce
  • Real voices in studio quality
  • Data-driven approach to costs, quality, and workflow optimization



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