Accessibility Solutions

Accessibility Solutions

Essential for some and useful for all

Accessibility is the design practice of making products and services usable by anyone, regardless of disabilities.

Given current events, we are offering a standard accessibility report at no cost to all governments, organizations, and businesses. We can provide more detailed reports and remediation services upon request. Please fill out the form below , and we will deliver a report directly to you within hours.

Why Accessibility?

An Accessible Product is a Higher Quality Product:

  • Better User Interface
  • Better User Experience
  • Better Search Engine Optimization

An Accessible Product Has Greater Market Coverage:

  • 10% of potential customers have a need for an accessible website
  • The global market of people with disabilities is more than one billion, with $175 billion in discretionary spending in the US alone.
  • A website that has greater accessibility than a competitor’s website will see a further increase in market coverage.

Accessibility Is Often a Legal Requirement:

  • Nearly every nation has some laws regarding accessibility, though the strongest laws are in the US.
  • The average cost of litigation is $200,000, MUCH greater than the cost of creating an accessible product or fixing an inaccessible product.



Take the first step toward compliance by identifying existing issues and potential solutions.


Get help from an accessibility specialist to implement fixes and remediation.


Access on-demand training for developers and content creators.


Talk with an accessibility specialist for expert advice on a range of digital accessibility issues.

Request a Free Accessibility Report

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