The Crisis of Opportunity: Prepare for the Future of Work
Crisis of Opportunity



“It is predicted that by 2022, 133 million new roles will emerge within the workforce focused on interaction between humans and machines.” - World Economic Forum

The good news is that according to research, artificial intelligence will only replace 12% of jobs, while enhancing 75% and inventing 13%. That being said, NOW is the time to prepare.

It’s time to think proactively. Join us to learn about key drivers of change that organizations will need to focus on to prepare their teams to navigate the future workplace, and how to enable that through targeted skill development to rapidly adapt to change.


  • Adina Nichols (EdD), VP Organizational Learning, Juran
  • John Neal, VP of Future Workforce Strategy & Development, Juran
  • Tamara Gardner (SPHR), Chief of Staff, Juran
  • Tim Coughlin, VP, TransPerfect