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Global Human Resources



In this age of global business, companies must be adept at bridging the gaps between languages and cultures in order to recruit and maintain the most valuable talent. These bridges come in many forms: catering to the specifics of multiple groups, mastering an array of communication strategies in a variety of environments, and cultivating a sense of company unity across geographic, linguistic, and cultural borders.

As one of the premier providers of communications and business services for Human Resources departments throughout a range of industries, TransPerfect can help your company create an inclusive and informed workplace and establish strong links to new market segments. Our experts can provide you with a host of solutions to meet your needs—from staffing and recruitment support to intranet globalization and workforce sensitivity seminars.


As a trusted provider of business services to HR departments and recruiters worldwide, we know that the best way to attract, cultivate, and maintain top-notch talent is by having savvy communications and maintaining an inclusive corporate culture. TransPerfect can handle all of your translation needs with precision and deliver the job in a timely fashion. And because we are fully ISO 9001 certified, you can utilize and distribute our translated materials with confidence.

By turning to TransPerfect for all of your communication needs, you will save time and money—but that’s not the best part. Your team will also benefit from consistent service and seamless collaboration, personalized to meet your needs. Whether you require international staffing, intranet localization, an interpreter for an interview, or a recruiting brochure translated to perfection, you can always rely on TransPerfect for the best service.


  • Selective Presentation - We are extremely selective in our process and will never overwhelm you with unvetted candidates. While we may evaluate dozens of individuals on your behalf, we will only present you with those at the very top of the applicant pool.

  • Subject-Area and Language Fluency Assessment - In order to ensure your employees are communicating at the level you require, we’ve developed proprietary testing and assessment techniques to evaluate candidates’ written/verbal communication skills and subject-area expertise across more than 170 languages.

  • Partnering With YouAs your recruitment partner, our job doesn’t end with the presentation of potential candidates. We represent your interests in the negotiation process and conduct ongoing follow-up with the candidate and management team once the position has been filled.

  • Zero RiskTransPerfect works on a contingency basis, which means you won’t pay for our services until you decide to hire one of the candidates we present to you. Furthermore, we fully stand behind the quality of our candidates, so we offer a guarantee period for all direct hire placements.

International and Multilingual Staffing and Recruitment

Whether your company needs a single in-house interpreter or an entire team of multilingual call center representatives, locating the right talent can be a daunting task. TransPerfect has built a global network of over 200,000 highly specialized bilingual professionals across a range of industries, allowing us to present the most qualified candidates for your consideration. Our talent acquisition experts can fill an array of positions in virtually every area, including:

  • Attorneys, document reviewers, and other legal professionals
  • C-level executives
  • Contact center and customer service representatives
  • Copywriters, art directors, and other creative staff
  • Engineers, technical writers, and content managers
  • Executives/VPs, directors, and managers
  • Linguists and other localization professionals
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Support and administrative staff
  • Training staff (on-site and E-learning)

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

There's no doubt that a diverse workforce can have significant advantages. Not only does it optimize productivity and promote fresh ideas, but it enables your company to establish strong links with multicultural market segments. Experienced in providing the guidance and training necessary to implement a successful diversity strategy, TransPerfect's HR Support team has a proven track record of helping businesses realize their potential. We will help you evaluate the inclusiveness of your company's culture so that customized solutions can be created to meet specific goals.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Your company has a list of goals in mind, but what's the next step? There are many bumps on the road to success, but TransPerfect will pave the way by helping you assemble a clear plan for managing each step of the process, whether it involves hiring new talent, implementing employee sensitivity training, or helping your company overcome a personnel crisis. With over 15 years of experience, you can feel confident that TransPerfect’s diversity specialists will help you execute your goals with great efficiency, sensitivity, and timeliness.

Education and Training

We offer an array of employee seminars and workshops on a wide range of topics, customized to your company's specific needs and goals. Taught by diversity experts with extensive training, these sessions have a proven track record of improving employee sensitivity to different demographic groups.

  • Cultural/Generational Differences
  • Diversity Advocate Behaviors
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Religion/Spirituality in the Workplace
  • Sexual Orientation

Organizational Cultural Assessment

A growing body of evidence suggests that there are direct links between company culture and business performance. Using TransPerfect's specialized testing methods, our experts will evaluate your company's core values, assumptions, interpretations, and approaches in order to create a unique organizational cultural profile. Based on these findings, we outline how your company can take action to improve performance through cultural management.

Coaching/Mentoring/Crisis Management

At one point or another, most companies will find themselves in a crisis situation. Rather than running scared, the best managers realize that such instances are an opportunity in disguise—a chance to examine organizational strategies and emerge with a strong action plan. Having guided numerous clients through every type of crisis, TransPerfect's experts are able to develop a specialized plan to help your company maintain operations and improve morale while riding the wave to calmer waters.

Document Translation

While TransPerfect today is a diversified business solutions organization, our birth in 1992 was as a pure-play document translation service. Ever since, we've been the industry pioneer driving the level of quality and service increasingly higher. TransPerfect was the first major language services organization certified to both ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 as well as the first to offer a subject-specific certification program to assess both linguistic competency and industry knowledge.

No other language services provider can offer the capabilities that TransPerfect does to meet your multilingual challenges:

  • Rush Turnaround Times
  • High-Volume Requests
  • Highly Technical Materials
  • Certified Documents


Multilingual E-Learning and Training Support

In today's world of fast-developing technology and multinational organizations, companies are looking towards successful E-Learning and multilingual training solutions that span across their diverse workforce. When your human resources team is looking for solutions for educational document translation, assessment and certification programs, learning content management systems, multimedia development applications, or voice-over and subtitling work, look no further than TransPerfect. We have the proven technical experience and advanced resources to meet all your needs.


From multilingual interviews to international conferences, our expert interpreters can help you communicate with confidence in any situation. We offer a number of services, including consecutive and over-the-phone interpretation.

Intranet Globalization

As your company grows, so too does its need for internal communication. With TransPerfect's host of website globalization services and technology solutions, maintaining a multilingual intranet has never been easier. Whether you need to build a multilingual intranet from the ground up or you just need help localizing your existing content into another language, our web experts will skillfully translate and implement your site to your exact specifications. Also, with our customizable communications tools that seamlessly link your site managers to our translators, changes and updates can be made with unprecedented speed and quality.






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