Multilingual E-Learning Support

Multilingual E-Learning Support



Maintaining a unified team within a corporation, whether large or small, is imperative for the success of a business. As employee populations become more geographically and culturally diverse, companies are increasingly seeking bespoke multilingual e-Learning and training solutions. Whether you're interested in multi-language translation of company training materials or a centralized e-Learning solution to serve an internationally distributed workforce, TransPerfect’s education experts can help you enhance sales force effectiveness, drive customer satisfaction, and deliver on-demand research and collaboration. Let our team help you take your global learning and training programs to the next level.


With over 90 offices around the globe – all of which are ISO 9001 certified – TransPerfect can provide clients with round-the-clock production, region specific expertise, and 24/7 customer support.

TransPerfect has created customized, turnkey applications for all of your learning requirements.  Whether its technical or business terminology, TransPerfect addresses the subtle cultural nuances that are vital to educating a diverse audience. Our specialists have experience working in FrameMaker, Quark, inDesign, Illustrator, RoboHelp, Lectora, and more, as well as HTML, XML, JHTML, SHTML, and WAV for programs in any format.


TransPerfect’s unparalleled language expertise, coupled with our exceptional technical savvy, enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet all your education and training needs. We bridge the potential gaps in understanding by employing a team of translators with experience in creating and adapting world-class learning solutions for a global audience. Some of our previous clients include: America Online, Citibank, General Electric, Microsoft, and Schering-Plough, to name a few.

Join these industry leaders to get the maximum return on your training investment and realize the potential of e-Learning with TransPerfect.

Source Content Translation

Whatever the language, whatever the subject, TransPerfect has the advanced technology essential to the global execution of successful e-learning and web-based programs. TransPerfect utilizes a rigorous process of translating, editing, and proofreading. Our goal is not simply to translate literally, but to craft content like it was originally created in the target language. The linguists assigned to your project will have documented experience translating educational materials, and will work with the content to ensure the intended message, tone, and style remains intact. The resulting deliverable is a high-quality translation that will provide the critical information your personnel need in many areas, including:

  • Computer-Based Training
  • Web-Based Training
  • SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) Compliant Training Courses
  • Self-Paced Assessment/Certification Programs
  • Multimedia Development Applications
  • Learning Management & Learning Content Management Systems

Cultural Consultation

A solid corporate foundation begins with proper training and support spanning an entire organization, both domestically and internationally. In order to ensure that educational resources convey the intended message to all areas within your company, the cultural needs of certain regions must often be considered. TransPerfect's cultural consulting practice is a proven leader in the adaptation of corporate educational programs for different languages and cultures. Beyond translating the words, our cultural consultants make certain that your training materials are culturally appropriate for the target audience.

Voiceovers and Subtitling

Our experts have unsurpassed experience in voice-overs and subtitling and are skilled at transmitting your message clearly, concisely, and consistently in over 100 languages. TransPerfect can create custom solutions to meet your requirements for corporate training videos, educational TV programs, Internet broadcasts, DVDs, and more.

Whatever technology you are using for your education programs, we can provide native-speaking actors who have the experience and knowledge to effectively convey your message to your diverse workforce. We specialize in lip synchronization, documentary style, and voice-over narration. Our technical supervisors work closely with leading sound studios to ensure perfect timing and the highest quality production values. We are also able to deliver final files in any format you require, as we work regularly with all major video formats including DVCam, HDCam, DigiData and Data SP. Quality assurance, both functional and linguistic, is built into every aspect of the TransPerfect globalization process, so you know that your training goals will be met in any language.

Click to here sample voice talent recordings in Mandarin, Polish, Spanish, and more.


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