Colgate-Palmolive was able to produce local language videos in as little as 24 hours

to roll out inclusive, engaging training content worldwide.



Colgate-Palmolive needed help reaching their global employees and community quickly. They were looking to create engaging and informative training videos that were inclusive and universally accessible.


TransPerfect set up a dedicated global team to support Colgate-Palmolive, with project managers in Canada, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Hong Kong, to turn around localized videos. TransPerfect provided subtitling and voiceover support, sometimes in as little as 24 hours. To convey cultural nuance, TransPerfect worked with Colgate to select voices that best represented each region and the inclusivity of the brand, and used culturally trained linguists. In addition, videos were created to play effectively on all screens—including tablets, laptops, and smartphones—to ensure global accessibility.


Colgate-Palmolive was able to share relevant, engaging training videos in eight languages with their global stakeholders. One video campaign won the Brandon Hall Bronze Award for excellence in e-learning.


Engaging Videos in 8 Languages


Brandon Hall Bronze Award for Excellence in E-learning


Local Language Videos in as Little as 24 Hours



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