"With audio, there is no video to distract the ears, so the translations have to convey the same intimacy as the English language originals."

— Head of International



The Challenge

Wondery, a premium podcast studio known for its binge-worthy content holding 10 of the Top 20 New Podcast Shows of 2020. With the explosion of podcasting, Wondery searched for a global partnership capable of translating their top-quality immersive storytelling for listeners in their native language while ensuring an authentic, high-quality audio experience.

Wondery wanted to go above and beyond for its listeners; they asked for a cast of celebrities unfamiliar with the voice dubbing world, which created a challenge. What was the best way to translate the content with storytelling in mind and onboarding new talent in multiple languages? Oh, and did we mention there was a global pandemic requiring the talent to record from their own homes.

"TransPerfect is a valued partner who transcreates our immersive storytelling for listeners in their native language, all around the globe."

— Head of International

The Solution

MediaNEXT’s exclusive technology suites allowed for entirely cloud-based interaction providing Wondery with the flexibility and agility needed to work outside of the studios, ingest the transcriptions, translate into multiple languages, and record each show and episode.

TransPerfect and Wondery could leverage MediaNEXT’s Timed Text tool, a cloud-based platform allowing subtitle and script creation. The tool also can integrate translation memory, glossary, and AI translation capabilities, speeding up the process accurately for Wondery.

Next, MediaNEXT was able to identify two such individuals’ one for German and the other Italian. These talents, along with other voice talents in different languages, were on-boarded remotely in the comfort of their own homes. The talent was quickly recorded in the cloud-based StudioNEXT Platform with a few simple tips and tricks. Wondery also contributed with critical touchpoints and milestones, enabling them to communicate virtually and around the clock with the voice talent.

The last challenge was ensuring Wondery had the best reviewing capabilities possible with a hybrid situation; MediaNEXT provided its newest tool, Screener, to Wondery, allowing them easy remote access to their content and the ability to mark-up any translation or audio changes that might have been required.


The Result

By working through the StudioNEXT platform with remote in-country talent, Wondery and TransPerfect were able to produce a range of premium quality localized podcasts in 8 different languages adding titles such as Dr. Death, Shrink Next Door, and various Business Wars seasons – all while saving time and effort despite the challenging backdrop of the pandemic.



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