"We would have never been able to achieve our required turnaround times without the interpreters recording in TransPerfect's cloud recording platform, StudioNEXT. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology for this global event provided our clients an extensive and exceptional experience that we were looking for."

— Sr. Manager, Translation & Localization


The Challenge

HPE wanted to ensure that attendees from all corners of the globe felt included, informed, and supported throughout the event.

For TransPerfect, this meant delivering over 1,000 audio files that attendees could select from on-demand.

It also required the coordination of live, simultaneous interpretation - and a platform to support it - for the live portions of the event.

Additionally, 129 video assets had to be localized into nine languages each in the few weeks leading up to HPE Discover.

“The value for our clients is much shorter turnaround times and a scalability that was not achievable with previous processes and technology.”

— Executive Director of Media Technology, TransPerfect

The Solution

TransPerfect brought in a range of technology and experts to support HPE’s ambitious localization requirements.

For recorded interpretation, TransPerfect turned to its cloud recording platform, StudioNEXT, to enhance the quality and consistency of the audio files being produced by teams of interpreters.

For the interpreters, the platform was integral to improving the efficiency of their workflows. With everything on the cloud, bulky file transfers, version control, and progress reporting became a thing of the past. The interpreters could launch StudioNEXT and quickly start working through their personalized dashboard on their interpretation recording tasks in a matter of seconds.

In the past, 30–40% of interpreter time was wasted on setting a project up locally, transferring files, reporting progress, etc. By comparison, StudioNEXT enables interpreters to dedicate 95% of their time to their performance.

“StudioNEXT made my job as an interpreter so much easier. The platform is very intuitive and easy to use and allows me to solely focus of the quality of my interpretation.”

— Interpreter


To prepare interpreters for using the StudioNEXT platform, TransPerfect organized training and practice sessions so the translators could become familiar with the technology.

For live sessions, interpretation was provided via a dedicated backend platform. The interpreters themselves were supported at all times by remote technicians, monitoring the quality of the sound and making any helpful adjustments. TransPerfect remotely sent through nine separate language streams that HPE could deploy to attendees in real time, allowing them to select the language in which they preferred to listen to the content.


The localization efforts for HPE’s Discover 2021 event were a great success. It was widely agreed that the quality of interpretation did much to enhance the experience of attendees and increased the likelihood of their attendance at similar events in the future.


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