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Why You Should Join at Akeneo Unlock 2021


Why You Should Join at Akeneo Unlock 2021

It’s almost time for the highlight of the e-commerce calendar—the annual Akeneo summit, Unlock 2021! is thrilled join Akeneo as an Elite-level sponsor for this year’s flagship PIM and PXM industry event. Here are three reasons why you should join and Akeneo at Unlock 2021.

The PIM Market is Booming

Since we began partnering with Akeneo more than five years ago, the product information management (PIM) market has grown exponentially.

As of last year, the global PIM market hit $9 billion. By 2025, it’s expected to reach an eye-popping $16 billion.

Along the way, we’ve been proud to see our friends at Akeneo rise to the top of the class, winning recognition as a PIM leader from leading analysts including IDC and Ventana. has also gone from strength to strength, cementing our position as the world’s largest provider of enterprise localization services and technology solutions. From offices in over 100 cities on six continents, we offer a full range of services in over 170 languages to clients worldwide, with more than 5,000 global organizations employing our GlobalLink® technology to simplify management of their multilingual content.

Cross-Border E-Commerce is Thriving

The strength of our partnership is borne out by the many cross-border commerce success stories that we’ve enabled over the years, working together to drive value for dozens of brands and merchants.

PIM and automated translation management systems have proven to be a win-win combination for enterprises, allowing top brands to expand into new geographies and markets.

In fact, despite the numerous global challenges of the last year, cross-border e-commerce has posted 21% growth and continues to grow at double the rate of domestic commerce.

The bottom line: new e-commerce innovations, like the synergies we’re unlocking at Akeneo and, are making online buying and selling a genuinely global endeavor.

A Strong Partnership = A Better Solution

From adapting unit conversions to translating product descriptions, and from culture-aware product content localization to compliance with local rules and regulations, and Akeneo empower brands to get results across multiple regions using a single unified platform. This solution dramatically reduces the time needed to break into a new market and creates outstanding multilingual product experiences that drive conversions, reduce turns, and increase customer brand loyalty.

About Unlock 2021

Akeneo is all about flexibility and adaptability, and this year’s PIM summit is no exception.

The event, which kicks off on April 6, is moving temporarily to a new digital format, giving online sellers from all over the world a chance to safely come together and participate. The summit’s theme, Unlocking Growth through Product Experiences, captures the way that experience-driven PIM opens the door to powerful growth opportunities for brands looking to capture new market share by expanding overseas.

Unlock 2021 is a free, open-to-all event, so both industry veterans and newcomers from all over the world can gather to learn best practices and share their PIM and PXM success stories. Whether you’re an existing Akeneo user or someone looking to adopt PIM for the first time, you can’t miss the opportunity to explore powerful PIM use-cases and get a first-hand look at Akeneo’s latest product features at Unlock 2021.’s VP of Global Strategic Alliances, Nick Panagopoulos, will participate in a high-profile roundtable panel alongside Akeneo CEO Fred de Gombert and other industry leaders. Nick will share his insights on the way that “product experience” is supplanting “customer experience” and delivering new opportunities for ambitious e-commerce brands, especially in today’s challenging and rapidly changing retail environment. Make sure to have snacks, afternoon tea, or some drinks ready, and be sure to tune in!

All sessions will be accessible on demand from 9:00 am ET (3:00 pm CET) on April 6 until 6:00 pm ET (11:59 pm CET) on April 30. So register for Unlock 2021 today, and let’s get ready to unlock growth!

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