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Technology 11.16.17 BLOG Triple Crown: Acquia Engage, SAP Hybris LIVE, and Sitecore Symposium

By Nicholas Panagopoulos, Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances

Tech Events Triple Crown: Acquia Engage, SAP Hybris LIVE, and Sitecore Symposium

By forming partnerships with industry leaders, we have garnered a secure foothold in the translation technology space, and our team capitalized on these partnerships by sponsoring three huge conferences last month (Acquia Engage, SAP Hybris LIVE, and Sitecore Symposium). We discovered three key trends that repeatedly appeared across the triad of events and permeate content, commerce, and the translation world:


Forrester created a wave for it, so it must be an important segment of the martech space, right? Whether you agree with it or not, Forrester is on to something. It seems all of the leaders from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant are moving closer and closer to offering a full suite of products.

In October, Acquia announced their suite’s latest products, Acquia Digital Asset Manager and Acquia Journey. Of course, both products were covered in depth at Engage. Sitecore announced the launch of Version 9 of Sitecore XP and wowed audiences with a more seamless experience for commerce and content. SAP Hybris proclaimed they are now a marketing cloud with increased marketing automation capabilities.

The reality is that these companies are building out their products to ensure a competitive edge and to give their customers what they want. This principle is what drives to continually innovate and expand our suite of GlobalLink localization applications. Customers still desire platforms, and we’re seeing that at these events and in our own business.

Sitecore Symposium


Sitecore introduced XConnect while SAP continues to laud their App Center and Acquia focuses the conversation on headless experiences. Underpinning all of this is a lot of talk about new APIs that make it easier than ever to plug in applications or build them to deliver specific experiences.

Businesses today want their software better connected so it can do more. 

Our Translation Management System, GlobalLink, integrates with over 40 back-end authoring environments. Some of those integrations were partner-developed using our published documentation and code. Browse all integrations in our partner finder.

Acquia Engage


This particular topic is massive. During Symposium, Sitecore introduced Cortex, “an innovative machine learning engine with advanced algorithms that deliver real-time insights.” SAP Hybris immersed attendees in personalized VR experiences built on anonymous shared data across their attendees. Acquia Journey is meant to give marketers the ability to control and measure personalized experiences. At our own user conference in September, GlobalLink NEXT, Adobe’s Lars Trieloff presented on the promise of AI.

At, machine learning is at the heart of GlobalLink. Through tagging and attribution, translated strings are stored in a database called a translation memory. The system learns context as translations are input by human linguists. As the library of translated phrases builds, the system begins auto-translating based on defined rules. It also offers suggestions to linguists who are utilizing phrases already in the system based on how similar they are to the new text being translated.


We all want to be better connected, and we all want our software (and hardware) to do more for us. This has never been more evident than after attending these three conferences and comparing the themes to what we see across our base of 4000+ customers utilizing’s GlobalLink technologies. For more information about GlobalLink, click here

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