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2018: The Year of Artificial Intelligence in Translation

By Diego Bartolome, Machine Translation Manager

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2018: The Year of Artificial Intelligence in Translation

Every company’s aim is to focus on their sustainable competitive advantage to improve their positioning in a crowded marketplace. With the current explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning (DL), many companies feel as though they should implement these technologies to improve their bottom line. Among those available, machine translation (MT) is often selected as the preferred tool for global business for its outstanding combination of price, quality, and speed.

Source: The Boston Consulting Group, Time to Double Down on AI and Robotics (2017),9.

Yet, mastering the technology and keeping up to date with the continuous advances requires a skilled team that can help you develop solutions to target your specific business needs. And here is why TransPerfect is chosen time after time as the top language partner for AI-assisted translation:

We’re pros in all MT technologies.

Rule-based, statistical, and neural MT are not new to us. We evaluate the performance of all available tools in the market and format our enterprise technologies to deliver the best value to our partners. We manage hassle-free MT solutions that include MT training, linguist selection, training, retention, and system integration. In a nutshell, we only offer successful MT programs with low risk (and effort) to our partners.

Our AI is out of this world.

Our follow-the-sun model, led by our team of technology experts in over 90 cities worldwide, provides cutting-edge AI tools specially suited for translation and localization for all major industries—including life sciences, media, and travel to name a few. TransPerfect owns proprietary MT quality estimators that are beneficial in specific business cases, predictive authoring engines to improve consistency and TM advantage, as well as classical natural language processing technologies like named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, or sentence rewriting. Unlike our competitors, our team of engineers will help you develop and integrate a turnkey solution for projects of all sizes.

We invest tons to bring you a brighter and smarter future.

Past performance is no guarantee for future results. TransPerfect invests annually in expanding its AI teams who handle speech recognition, OCR, natural language generation, and understanding. We’re seeing many more AI integrations into our GlobalLink suite and our global team is ready to solve critical business issues by suggesting the best-suited technology for the job.

If you’re considering using AI in your next translation and localization project, or simply want to learn more about our language solutions for global business, feel free to contact us.

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