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Recapping the 2019 Boston IP Forum, Hosted by TLS and Suffolk Law School

By The TLS Patents Practice Group

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Recapping the 2019 Boston IP Forum, Hosted by TLS and Suffolk Law School

On June 5, 2019, TransPerfect Legal Solutions (TLS) teamed up with Suffolk Law School to host an educational event filled with lively conversations about the most important issues affecting the intellectual property (IP) community here in Boston. As a leading provider of legal technology solutions and language services for global business, TLS called upon the patent attorneys, agents, technology specialists, and lawyers of the area to discuss these topics in a dynamic and interactive setting.

TLS was honored to host David Olson, Associate Professor and Faculty Director of the Program on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Boston College Law School, to deliver the keynote address for the forum. Professor Olson provided invaluable insight into the pros and cons of proposed legislation amending Section 101. The audience clearly appreciated Professor Olson’s views on how a revised Section 101 would impact the entire IP field (in addition to their companies and legal practices).

After the keynote introduction, attendees broke out into two parallel panel discussions. One panel focused on IP litigation and how using artificial intelligence and analytics platforms substantially streamlines the discovery process in IP matters. The second panel focused on international filing strategies for companies in the global market.

The IP litigation panel included speakers from Biogen, Dell, Takeda, and Vertex. TLS President of Consulting and Information Governance, Dan Meyers, a former “big law” litigation partner and thought leader in the field of e-discovery, moderated the panel and provided an introduction on managing discovery in the age of “Big Data.” In turn, the panelists introduced tools they have used in practice and shared experiences about culling down large data sets using technology-assisted review (TAR) workflows. These case studies brought to life the tools available in the market and promoted constructive conversation around this shift in the e-discovery industry.

The international filing panel included experts from Cantor Colburn, Omega Therapeutics, Raytheon, and Dassault Systèmes and was moderated by TLS Regional Director Max Weisman. Panelists were asked various questions about the filing process including but not limited to major markets for various inventions; strategies for selecting outside counsel; different mechanisms used in the filing process, such as PCT, EPO, or direct filing; and the role budgets play in prosecution decisions. The conversations between panelists and attendees in the room created an engaging atmosphere with continuous exchanges of ideas, critiques on various strategies, and advice for up-and-coming IP lawyers in the field. The panelists were prosecution attorneys from a variety of industries, which provided a range of perspectives and a positive experience for all attendees.

The Boston IP Forum ended the evening with a reception in the main room where panelists, attendees, and TLS staff mixed and mingled. The mélange of lawyers, specialists, agents, and professionals made for a unique blend of conversations and opinions about the topics discussed. 

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