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Technology 12.13.16 BLOG 

Presenting GlobalLink 5.0!

The Industry’s Most User-Friendly Translation Management System

Presenting GlobalLink 5.0!

Presenting GlobalLink 5.0!

We are excited and proud to announce the release of GlobalLink 5.0, the next generation in TransPerfect’s flagship technology suite.

The development of GlobalLink 5.0 was a multi-year effort by our incredible technical teams, employing feedback from the GlobalLink user community to help guide a range of brand-new software innovations and feature enhancements. The result is a giant leap forward for translation management technology.

New GlobalLink 5.0 features include:

  • Freshly overhauled user interface – Users will enjoy a simple but powerful navigation experience. The biggest improvements in GlobalLink 5.0 are all about form and feel, allowing all users—from power to casual—to take full advantage of the cost savings, time efficiencies, and quality improvements that GlobalLink offers.
  • Dynamic visual workflows with drag-and-drop editing – Customized workflows allow GlobalLink clients to ensure that the translation process best fits their internal structures and requirements. Other platforms require significant costs, ramp-up time, and training to implement special processes. GlobalLink 5.0 offers a drag-and-drop workflow modeler that makes the process of visualizing, testing, and installing customized workflows easy.
  • Multitasking management with fully redesigned batch architecture – Incorporates significant scalability improvements in the form of simultaneous task management, including TM analysis and update, as well as machine translation. Tasks can be organized by priority thanks to the urgent-task prioritization and unified queue capabilities of the single-batch manager.

Other GlobalLink features have been streamlined, redesigned, and simplified, including:

  • Full supply-chain integration – Manage quotes, approvals, and workflows for multiple linguistic resources in a single platform.
  • Streamlined processes and commands – Most primary functions can be completed with one or a few clicks.
  • In-context language review and preview – See and translate language within existing CMS and e-commerce platforms as well as most major file formats.
  • Instant and customizable reporting – Review total spend, TM leverage, quality metrics, and turnaround times.
  • Integrated, cloud-based translation memory – Improve quality while cutting translation costs and timelines, even with multiple translation resources.
  • 40+ pre-built connectors – Off-the-shelf integrations are ready to use for leading CMS, e-commerce, database, PIM, and other content repositories.

GlobalLink 5.0 is available starting today for all new clients, and is offered as a free upgrade for existing GlobalLink users.

Want to learn more? Check out our brand new GlobalLink 5.0 website, and while you’re there, you can request a demo to see GlobalLink 5.0 in action.


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