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Global Business 06.15.20 BLOG 

Looking to the Future: Lessons Learned in Global Marketing during the Time of COVID-19

By Colt Foutz, Global Director, tptdigital

Global Marketing

Looking to the Future: Lessons Learned in Global Marketing during the Time of COVID-19

If you’re at all like me during the past few months, in the wake of globe-sweeping, life-altering changes due to COVID-19, you’ve had to … hold on a sec.

“Caleb! Caleb! Please don’t tackle the cat!”

OK. As I was saying, the unprecedented scope and speed with which COVID-19 disrupted our professional and personal lives has meant … pardon me a minute.

“Ben? Ben! Uh, Ben: I would strongly advise you not attempt gymnastics in the kitchen. Outside! Socks, shoes, outside. Now, please!”

Thanks. I’m back. If you follow me here … Ah, sorry. I was on mute, wasn’t I? New normal, right?!

OK, so learning to live and work through a pandemic has meant we’ve all had to adjust to things. And it’s perhaps never been more important to take a fresh look at the up-to-the-minute reality for your business and customers and accelerate how you apply new insights, to learn and evolve the way you engage with your audience, even transform your entire offering.

A bit daunting, eh?

In two recent webinars, I had the pleasure of unpacking some of the lessons TransPerfect and partners Steven Moy, CEO of Barbarian creative agency, and Chris Baker, founder of Totem Media, respectively, have gleaned in this dizzying 2020, with advice on how to look to the future —and thrive.

From TransPerfect’s perspective, many of our clients in the hospitality and travel industries, as well as other verticals, have opted to rethink their investments in global digital marketing during the pandemic. Rather than drive forward with paid media initiatives or new content marketing campaigns, we’ve helped them take a look at the foundations of their international websites.

I lead off our webinars with a quick sprint through data that may help you, too, get your SEO house in order. From the vantage point of five years of website audits, for more than 300 clients, I walk you through analysis that could point you to easy wins in content, technical, or linking SEO. Through the accumulation of that reporting we also take a look at how trends in SEO have changed since 2014.

Consider it a chance to learn from others’ mistakes to avoid making your own—worthwhile at any time, I’d wager.

Steven opens his presentation by positing that COVID-19 is the most dramatic accelerant to happen to consumer culture since the smartphone. So: how have consumer beliefs and behavior changed? And: what should you do about it?

From food, to education, to the home, to media and entertainment, Steven breaks down trends both surprising and newly familiar to you as he takes us inside the mindsets of our customers globally.

Fortunately, there’s a lot we can do with these insights. In the short term, Steven and Barbarian call for putting your brand’s values into action in your approach to customer service, content, and user experience. In the long term, strategies that lead to innovation in your data, process, communication, and technology will help you march into a robust future.

Tune in here to view the webinar and follow our full discussion.

Chris and Totem have been surveying brands in China and throughout APAC during the pandemic. The first points he shares show how different categories performed in sales during the outbreak, including downturns recorded in household, personal luxury, and fashion products; mom and baby and wellness holding their own; and a decided uptick in personal fitness.

From there, Chris projects how audience behavior will change, with reports from the front lines of emerging markets. See how your experience compares—or gaze into a crystal ball on the far side of the world—across brand trust, customer demand, online presence, delivery and fulfillment, and the shifting world of customer support.

You’ll find the full webinar from Chris and me available here.

Thank you to Chris and Steven for your partnership and the actionable lessons you shared. Despite the stress and disruption of COVID-19, there is much we can learn from our shared experiences. And even more to look forward to in the months ahead.


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