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Technology 07.09.20 BLOG 

Whitepaper: Leveraging Machine Translation for your Organization

By Ty Trainer, MT Implementation Manager

New Tech Trends

Whitepaper: Leveraging Machine Translation for your Organization

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in a diverse array of applications is becoming more ubiquitous. AI applications are being used in mobile phones, intelligent speakers, recommender systems, and many other applications. Many of them achieve impressive results, and for a variety of specific tasks they outperform humans.

Similarly, the benefits afforded by AI have been employed to tackle a wide range of societal challenges in different domains, ranging from health and hunger to security and justice and from economic empowerment to environmental protection. The increasingly varied applications of AI have earned it a place at the forefront of advances in human development.

Get the low-down on TransPerfect's MT services, learn how to leverage MT for your organization, and hear customer success stories from some of our past and present MT clients. It's all in our brand new whitepaper. Check it out!

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