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A Day in the Life of a Voiceover Artist

By Maria Riboli, TransPerfect VO Artist

Maria Riboli

A Day in the Life of a Voiceover Artist

I wonder if all the crazy voices I used to create for my tea parties with robots and droids (yup, not your usual princess-girl over here) were a sign that I'd grow up to become a voiceover artist.

I started acting when I was just a little girl and was instantly drawn to the industry. I admired the magic of bringing a character to life and catapulting yourself into a new reality. I studied and worked all over Europe and was blessed enough to be exposed to wonderful teachers and mentors along the way.

In 1998, I toured Italy with an American theatre company called The Living Theatre. After our final show for the season, Director Judith Malina asked me to join the company in New York City. Only one week later, I landed in the Big Apple and my career as a voiceover artist took off.

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I started working with a number of recording studios in the city that I still work with today. The VO world is pretty small; over time you start to recognize the same faces and voices. It's a friendly environment that accepts you for who are even if you're having a bad hair day. I have to say, though, TransPerfect Studios is my all-time favorite studio. And I can't even tell you how long it's been since we started working together because it's that kind of awesome relationship.

Editor's note: Maria has been working at TransPerfect studios since 2012 and we love having her on our team!

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Working with TransPerfect is breeze! The team is professional, yet down to earth, and always so much fun!

I’ve recorded so many different projects with TransPerfect Studios—from a Skype commercial and the robotic instructions for Roomba to ads for luxury hotel chains such as Starwood and world-renowned restaurants. Over the years, I've been nicknamed "One Take Maria" as I usually have an easy flow with the script. I owe a big part of my success to the talented producers, engineers, and project managers that guide me along the way.

I've always believed that if you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life. Although my job requires a lot of preparation and focus, I never feel like I'm working. Along with my many mentors, TransPerfect Studios has helped me discover my passion for voice work.

For all the aspiring voiceover artists out there, my advice to you is to train first and be prepared. VO work is an art that you need to understand—take charge of your voice and all the different colors you can create.

I'll end my post today with my top three tips. (Some simple, but so true!)

1) Hot tea with honey

2) Imagine that you're talking to someone when you record (it can get pretty lonely in that booth)

3) Smile—it just makes everything better!

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You can find out more about my crazy life at and find all the links to stalk me on line.

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