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Global Business 01.25.19 BLOG 

Eleanor’s First Six Months in London

By Eleanor Sargent, Recruitment Coordinator

Eleanor’s First Six Months in London

Starting at TransPerfect a little over six months ago, I didn’t really know what to expect. It was my first proper job following university, I’d never worked in an office environment before, and until I started researching the company for my interview I knew very little about the language services industry. But once I left my interview, I knew that this was exactly where I wanted to work.—I just hoped that my interviewers felt the same. Now six months in, those interviewers are people I work with everyday, and I know that the feeling I had after my interview was validated.

I work on the recruitment team in TransPerfect’s London office, which moved to a new location in Aldgate earlier this year. The office is a very impressive space with a sleek and modern design. There’s a recreation room with a ping pong table and table football, which has been the site of a couple office tournaments! We also get fruit baskets delivered to the office twice a week, and there is a constant supply of tea and coffee—which I probably rely on more than I should.

Due to the global nature of TransPerfect, I also get to work frequently with my colleagues based in offices around the world. A couple of weeks after I started, our team in London was joined by recruiters from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Barcelona, and  New York. Opportunities like these are a great way to learn from other recruiters and receive tips, advice, and support..The London office itself is incredibly diverse, with most employees speaking at least a second language. Our recruitment team itself is a great example of that!

Some people roll their eyes when they hear the word meritocracy, assuming that it’s just a cliché companies use to describe themselves without really meaning it. But at TransPerfect it couldn’t be more true. I am surrounded each day by people who are proof that, if you are passionate about your job, work hard, and put your best foot forward every day, the company will reward you. And for someone like me who is just starting their career, that is incredibly motivating.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is walking through the office and bumping into employees who I’ve hired. Hearing them talk about how much they’re enjoying their jobs and knowing that I am helping to grow the company is something I am extremely proud of.

While the people I’ve met at TransPerfect are some of the most passionate and hard-working individuals I’ve worked with, there is also a big focus on socializing with colleagues. I was lucky enough to start just before our office’s summer party, which was an incredible, festival-themed night with a fantastic array of glitter-painted faces. My team has also spent time outside of the office going to an escape room, a cricket match, and (hilariously) playing bowls. After-work pub trips are also a staple for our team.  Being a part of such a close-knit group very quickly made me feel at home in my new job and in a new city. And just by talking to colleagues around the world, I can assure you that this camaraderie extends far beyond just the London office.

Eleanor at lunch with her fellow TransPerfect employees

If you’re wondering what the office environment is like, one walk through the office will tell you all you need to know. It just feels so positive, and you can tell that the people who work here want to be here and they want to work with the people they’re working with.

Eleanor out with her fellow TransPerfect employees

The last six months have been an amazing start to my professional career and I am looking forward to what my future at TransPerfect will bring. If you’d like to be part of our amazing TransPerfect family, visit our careers page for more details.

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