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Global Business 07.25.16 BLOG 

Does Your Global Call Center Measure Up?

The TransPerfect Remote Interpreting (TRI) Team

Global Call Center - Customer Service

Does Your Global Call Center Measure Up?

The outsourced contact center industry is worth more than $75 billion globally per year with millions of calls, emails, chats, and interactions between customers and businesses on a daily basis. Any successful business knows that these individual customer interactions are hugely important to building customer trust and overall brand reputation.

If your company is new to a particular market, the importance of your call center is that much greater. As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Issues that go unnoticed or unaddressed—even for relatively short periods of time—can spell disaster for a budding business in a new market. 

Most companies have strict standards for evaluating the quality of their English-language phone support, but may struggle to ensure the same standards are met in other languages. Key metrics can include the obvious quantitative factors, such as the amount of time a customer waits before being connected with a representative and the amount of time required to resolve the problem. But then there are many other qualitative metrics that are harder to measure across languages or may be specific to each language, such as: 

  • Customer satisfaction rates
  • Clarity and accuracy of communication
  • Adherence to branded terminology and guidelines
  • Attention to local laws and cultural practices

Whether your customer service is managed in-house or outsourced to a third party, it’s crucial to have processes in place to identify and address these issues for each language. Even if you’re already working with a trusted call center provider, having an independent party provide feedback and steps for improvement can be helpful. After all, your call center provider has built their business around offering efficient and effective call center services—they aren’t language specialists (nor would you expect them to be!).  

TransPerfect Remote Interpreting is both, which is why we’re uniquely equipped to serve as an independent quality monitor for your global customer services. Benefits include:

  • External benchmarking
  • Unbiased, transparent, and objective approach to evaluations
  • Dedicated and trained evaluators
  • Linguistic specialization

Quality monitoring does not have to be high tech, nor does it have to be punitive. When applied correctly—either targeting specific processes for improvements, or just randomly dipping in to maintain the high levels already achieved—quality monitoring gives you the opportunity to listen to your customers as well as your staff.

To start, TransPerfect’s experts will provide an initial analysis to understand your business requirements and then work with you to develop or enhance quality monitoring and benchmarking. Once monitoring is in place, we can then provide feedback to improve the customer experience, from hiring guidelines, to agent training, to direct feedback and coaching.  

Through our quality monitoring services you can have peace of mind that you and your provider are delivering the very best experience to your customers all over the world. Our system of review, report, and calibrate ensures we are delivering a solution that matches your needs and helps you reach the high standards that are crucial to your overall business goals.


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