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10 Best Practices for Video Localization

By TransPerfect Media & Entertainment Team

Video Localization Tips

10 Best Practices for Video Localization

Digital video has become the most effective online tool for marketing, with a vast potential audience of over 4 billion internet users worldwide. Around 100 million people currently watch online videos, and online video traffic will comprise 79% of all global consumer internet traffic by 2018. Meanwhile, digital videos have been proven to be a highly effective medium to engage consumers. 48% of shoppers will leave a site and seek information elsewhere when visual content is not available, and websites that use video receive 41% more traffic from search than websites that do not.

Therefore, more than ever, businesses must adapt a global video strategy to increase the visibility and accessibility of their video content. Localization plays an integral role in preparing videos for the international market, whether it be in the form of subtitles, dubbing, or closed captioning, allowing for multilingual users to access a variety of content.

Here are ten best practices for video localization to help your video content reach a global audience:

1.Create content with international appeal that can capture a global audience

2.Refrain from including references to information that may change from market to market or over time

3.Keep the rate of speech slow enough to accommodate a viewer reading subtitles

4.Obtain, preserve, and re-use audio narration scripts

5.Limit text and important visuals appearing in the bottom third of the frame

6.Consider using off screen voiceover and/or limiting the use of on-screen speakers

7.Take into account cultural sensitivities

8.Know in which mediums your video will be used

9.When posting to video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, always provide metadata (title, description, tags) for translation

10.Identify and train subject matter experts who will be involved in the approval process

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