Working Hard, or Hardly Working?


Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

Have women found a way to strike the life/work balance?

By Caroline O'Donovan

WBEZ - August 15, 2012

Liz Elting had the idea for a translation company in her college dorm room, an idea that grew into the international company TransPerfect. Today, Elting is the CEO of that company, the world's largest language services provider.

Only 18 of the Fortune 500 companies are run by women today, and the media is rife with speculation as to why. Do women still feel pressured to take time off work to raise a family? Are women inherently not as able to self-promote in the workplace as men? Are women not paid enough to be able to afford to outsource child care?

To help debunk these myths, Northwestern professor Alice Eagly stops by Eight Forty-Eight Wednesday morning. She is the author of Through the Labyrinth: The truth about how women become leaders. She and CEO Liz Elting will use their combined experience working with women and advancing their own careers to try and put a finger on how women think and feel about the balance between their personal lives and work.

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