View from the Top: Astoria Software, a TransPerfect Company


View from the Top: Astoria Software, a TransPerfect Company

By Michael Rosinski, President & CEO, Astoria Software

EContent - December 2, 2014

Astoria Software has been at the forefront of two of the biggest trends transforming large and small enterprises today: SaaS (software-as-a-service) and Mobility. We were first-to-market in 2007 with an enterprise-wide SaaS solution for Component Content Management, and we are first-to-market with solutions that engage users on mobile devices. Astoria Software has a unique performance culture built on a common set of values whose team is focused on our shared vision of transforming the enterprise through our Mobile Platform.

There is no question that Information Development is one of the most important aspects of customer engagement. Customers scour this information for answers to their questions, and they form strong opinions about products based on how well that information helps them to use products effectively.

Traditional approaches to content management help writers improve content quality in the hopes that good quality improves customer experience. The problem is that a traditional approach has no mechanism for truly engaging the customer. Companies must use approximate measures—page views on Websites, Wikis, and customer-support metrics—to determine whether or not technical documentation is really driving customer engagement.

Astoria addresses these issues by extending its component content management system to mobile device platforms so that companies deliver the content that end-users seek while gathering data that improves the end-user’s content experience. Astoria Software’s mobile strategy enables customers to understand what users want to find (search terms), what they found (search results), and how they felt about the content they selected (feedback). These results let Astoria Software’s customers determine which content drives customer engagement, which content needs attention and improvement, and—ultimately—which content drives higher revenue.

Astoria Software’s strategic technology vision is confirmed by our diverse customer base of leading Fortune 500 Companies including Cisco, GE Healthcare, Micron, Citrix, Siemens Healthcare and Northrop Grumman.

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