TransPerfect scores service for LPGA in Florida


TransPerfect scores service for LPGA in Florida

Florida Business Daily Reports - May 31, 2016

While perfect golf swings need no translation, follow-up commentary inevitably does, so TransPerfect will become the official translation and interpretation provider for the Ladies Professional Golf Association, LPGA revealed recently from its hub in Daytona Beach.

“TransPerfect enables us to support our players, members, and partners, who represent a broad array of cultures, backgrounds, and languages,” Jon Podany, LPGA’s chief commercial officer, said. “When we looked at potential translation and interpretation partners, it became clear that TransPerfect was the best choice for the LPGA. We want to take care of our non-English-speaking players and fans, and this partnership with TransPerfect helps us do that.”

The widely popular LPGA circuit events are broadcast in almost 75 percent of nations worldwide, and LPGA’s website draws visitors from 235 different countries annually. Its site is available in half a dozen languages currently — Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese as well as English — and LPGA opened an office in Seoul, Korea in 2014.

“The LPGA is a model organization for diversity, inclusion, and achievement,” Liz Elting, Co-CEO of TransPerfect, said. “To be aligned with a group that showcases such amazing women accomplishing incredible things across all corners of the world is tremendously rewarding.”

Co-CEO Phil Shawe agreed, expressing pride in the company’s ability to “grow the game” and reach new audiences, stating, “With such a broad fan base and so many talented international players, the LPGA’s appeal is truly global.”


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