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By working only with specialists from your sector, you can rest assured that our solutions have been created for the unique challenges that your customers face. At TransPerfect, we’ve built our reputation on almost 30 years of delivering high-quality content for a comprehensive range of global industries. Discover how we can help you.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, CRO, and healthcare organizations worldwide rely on TransPerfect’s language services, eClinical solutions, and artificial intelligence capabilities to accelerate development timelines, streamline product launches, and reduce R&D costs by up to 40%.

Retail & E-Commerce

Retail & E-Commerce

TransPerfect can help retailers localize content in over 170 languages to reach customers anywhere in the world, anywhere in their journey—all while ensuring brand consistency and effective communication.

Legal Services


TransPerfect Legal Solutions (TLS) empowers legal professionals to leverage AI, analytics, and multi-language technology across e-discovery, forensic consulting, due diligence, privacy, managed review, and staffing projects.

Air Travel

Travel & Hospitality

For organizations in the travel and hospitality industries, your customers must have the same branded experience no matter where they are in the world. TransPerfect offers customized global content solutions to reach and retain customers by communicating with them in their preferred language.



TransPerfect enables different technology companies to launch products, build influence, and maximize their presence globally. Using localized product manuals, support materials, and live customer support, you will be able to reach and connect with your customers in their preferred languages.

Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking

TransPerfect offers comprehensive 360-degree multilingual solutions to financial organizations so that they can take care of their customers, keep their data secure, and meet regulatory requirements while expanding into new markets.




TransPerfect Gaming Solutions allows brands to unleash their game’s full potential. From game localization and community management to player support and art design, we offer the solutions to ensure these organizations can reach gamers anywhere in the world.



TransPerfect has a holistic solution designed for entertainment companies to identify key customer touchpoints—including videos, digital advertisements, and platform-driven content—and ensure that they are available in the preferred language.



Faster time to market

Digital Marketing & Advertising

From localizing global campaigns and translating advertising copy to creating a video in several languages and optimizing for online audiences, TransPerfect’s global advertising and marketing solutions are designed to position you and your clients for success…anywhere.

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Human Translation  *  Machine Translation  *  Editing & Proofreading  *  Subject-Matter Experts  *  All Languages Supported
Translation of Website Content  *  International SEO/SEM  *  Globalization Management Technology  *  Integration with CMS, DMS, & E-Commerce Systems
Expert Transcription in Any Language  *  MediaNEXT Technology  *  Script Prep  *  Accessibility Requirements  *  Legal Transcription
Globalization  *  Localization  *  Functional Testing  *  Linguistic Testing  *  Layout/UI Design  *  User Experience (UX) Testing  *  User Acceptance (UAT)  *  Internationalization  *  Accessibility
In-Person Interpretation  *  Video Remote Interpretation  *  Over-the-Phone Interpretation  *  Escort/Travel Interpretation  *  Call Center Solutions  *  Conference Services
Subtitling  *  Voiceover & Dubbing  *  Multilingual Talent Sourcing  *  Audio/Video Editing & Production Services
Artificial Intelligence Solutions  *  Globalization Management Technology  *  CCMS Technology  *  Multilingual Website & E-Commerce Technology
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