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Creative & Explainer Videos

Videos help to illustrate complex ideas in simple, engaging, and meaningful ways in a short amount of time. Being one of the most popular forms of content consumption, videos are used by marketers to describe your company’s products or services in a way that resonates with your target audience.

From 3D animation to live film and motion graphics, our team of experts can bring your video to life. We've helped over 900 brands tell their story via impactful video content.

Creative videos for maximum engagement

We help brands deliver their message in a way that inspires audiences to take action. With the support of our experts, watch as we turn ideas into engaging videos that are always created with your audience at the forefront of our production process.

Video Production

Types of video

Whatever the desired style of your video, our team of specialists will work to find the best fit for your brand. We work with worldwide organizations using the following techniques: 

  • 2D motion graphics
  • 3D animation
  • 3D modeling
  • Live film 

Want to learn more?

Head to our MediaNEXT website to discover how you could improve your brand presence through the power of video.

TransPerfect can support everything from concept to creation to publishing


Video Production (B)

Professional Film Crews

Whether on location or in a studio, we have teams of professional film crews based in various locations around the world that are ready to create.
Experts in Editing

Experts in Editing

With years of experience in video and audio editing, our team of specialists understand what it takes to make every piece as impactful as possible.

Stock video footage

Impactful Stock Video Footage

Sometimes a stock video is the best option. Our teams know what works and are on hand to source the best footage.

Customized Music

Customized Music

Our professional composers can create the perfect music to accompany your video. This level of customization ensures it will hit all the right notes with your target audience. 

Storyboard Animation

Storyboard Animators

If you have designs in place and are looking for a professional team of animators, our specialists can help you bring your concept to life. 


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